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Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Want A War FACEBOOK Now You've Got One

Facebook took down my personal account because I posted http://bit.ly/1TB16w
Someone reported me and they didn't even contact me to say what was happening. Just simply took my account down.

So Now I'm exposing Facebook for the racist antisemites that they are. 

Here I am a JEW and I posted the link for others to see the filth that the Obama websites on the .gov is allowing and I am being closed down? Me the victim, the Jew who is being accused of baby killing has had her account closed down. What the FUCK is up with that site and the people who run it. Are you kidding me? Do you know the filth they allow up? Do you know the hate groups that are allowed to run on FACEBOOK? Do you? I expose a story that is true, that lives on the .gov website of Obama and I am shut down?

I am asking that you contact abuse@facebook.com and tell them to put my account back as it was and to apologize for prejudging and discriminating against me. I should also be allowed to know who my accuser was.  Please email me for my full FACEBOOK account name so you can do this properly for me.

Also here is their telephone number 650-543-4800
If you have updates please let me know. Thank you in advance. 
UPDATE as of about 4pm Easter: my account was reinstated. I am sure it was because of the numerous emails and calls that I know many of my twitter and blog followers made. Thanks for putting the pressure on them.

UPDATE TO UPDATE: Again Friday the 23rd they closed my account...no notice no reason just locked me out. What is up with FACEBOOK. I guess NO JEWS ALLOWED!


Opus #6 said...

Oh, this is bad. I'm Jewish too. I posted today something from Atlas Shrugs too on my blog. About the Susan G. Komen anti semitism and telling Jewish doctors to stay home from their Cairo gathering. BASTARDS!!!!!

I'm following your blog now. My blog is at http://mainfo.blogspot.com/

I remember you from Twitter. You are a friend of KEVINLORIGO and the other patriots. Nice to see your blog.

Aleta said...

I already sent FB a email. I couldn't believe someone reported that you on that message. What an absolute IDIOT! And FB - FOR SHAME!!!!

kay said...

Are sure that FB took you down for that specific post? Could have been a trend of posts you put up?
I'm just asking because the link you provided showed something that was posted on OFA by a private person using that website and not something posted by anyone from Obama's staff. The personal blogs on OFA are not previewed and the site relies on people alerting them to trolls, people who post hatred, etc.
I certainly hope you, or someone, alerted OFA and allowed them to remove the offensive blog post before you attacked OFA with these accusations.

LaurAyn said...

Kay - I can't prove anything with 100% certainty, but I do know this is a trend with conservatives. We all wrote asking and it took them two days to respond. They did apologize and insisted it was only maintenance. What was really odd was the on again off again entry to my account. It happened only right after I posted that link and I rarely post politics. It was certainly strange timing at the very least and purposely at the worst. I do have my account back and many people wrote to them on my behalf so I think either way they are on notice. Do you work for Facebook?