"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Favorite NYC Mayoral Candidates

I've been wrestling with how to present this material to you. You see I have two very juicy people to present to you.  Do I savor this for two posts or one? Should I comment or just show you the scanned in bios that these candidates wrote themselves and were published in the New York City Campaign Finance Board 2009 General Election Voter Guide that is mailed to every person in NYC.

There's so much I could point out from the obvious to the more subtle but I'm thinking I'll let you look at them both and hope that you'll leave your comments as you notice these things for yourself. It will be fun for all of us to read the comments.

Please click on each image in order to read full through and PLEASE read full through.

And now for your reading pleasure I present to you:


lot 2 learn said...

Talk about agenda's !
The first was scary, but I get the idea that the second is a retired post office worker that does not make enough from his govt. retirement check to pay his rent.
I am a little out of my area on this, but is the cost of rent that bad in NYC ?
Just for reference, average rent around here for a 3 bedroom/2bath on a 1/2 acre is about $750.00
Just a guess that an apt. in NY runs about $400 ?
Anyway, I hope that there were more candidates for you to choose from

LaurAyn said...

Rob, LMAO @ u! Rents in NYC are no less than $900 outside of Manhattan. That would be for a one room apt.
BTW did you catch the ebonics/spelling of the second guy. If not go back.

Jonathan Meola said...

You know, in a normal world, I would've thought that somebody in the Campaign Finance Board could have taken the time to actually read what these two brain surgeons submitted for publication.

Just another sign that we are truly living in Bizarro times...

Aleta said...

Occupation: Student. "Founder and president of my buildings tenants association"

"if they try to leave the city, their property and wealth should be confiscated..." *snort*

"should be declared an eviction-free zone with no foreclosures or evictions.." Yeah, screw the people who own the property!

"Every New Yorker should be guaranteed a union job..." oh my

"I am the only candidate who has grown up poor in New York City" --- let me cry a river for you. Bah!

Seriously? I wouldn't put my picture with the comments. People have to laugh their socks off when she walks by!

Aleta said...

Second guy and all that yap about rent increase ~ you want to see rent increase? Come to New Orleans where a two-bedroom townhouse used to rent for 500 and now goes for 1200! All because of Katrina. It's called *gasp* supply and demand!

"People must have money to spent." Spent? Okkk... spend. Ah. What about money to save? Eh?

Landlords harass people? You don't say. Oh, sorry, I thought you wanted free housing?

"The party is over." I think he has just begun. That or he's smoking something strong.

"make it illegal foe" Foe? Friend or Foe? LMAO

And he's the best candidate because of the rent. Where do they find these people?

Ethan said...

Hmmm...can we say whackjob??

Candidate #1 wants to "confiscate property and wealth". I say give her a nice little place, let her fix it all up and then I can confiscate it because her things are better than mine and we should spread the wealth around!!

Candidate #2 wants lower rents. What city doesn't? My parents wanted the same thing back in the 50's. Just how it goes.

Bottom line....both candidates are registered in the wrong parties. They need to be in the newly formed, "Gimme, gimme, I want & gimme, gimme, NOW" party. It's quite the liberal rage as of late.

lot 2 learn said...

$900 for a 1 bedroom ?
Oh my God !
Maybe the second guy has something, the rent is too dam high.
But you got to figure these people took a page right out of Obama's campaign book, tell the people what they want to hear, then give them what you think they need

Janie Lynn said...

Good God. I mean really. I just sit here and shake my head and wonder where these people think all the money is coming from - oh wait - confiscating it from billionaires is one place - but my other thought is - who the hell do you people think you are that you deserve things you haven't worked for!???

I can't believe whackjobs can make me nuts but there are too many people walking around who really think that way!

S.P. For said...

Where is Bob Grant when you need him? Although i am sure both of these candidates honestly believe in their respective positions, with the challenges facing NYC - clearly someone with extraordinary talents in business, politics, and finance.

As a side comment i must say generally i am very impressed with the blog. It is thoughtfully constructed, nice flow, great content and intelligently presented by an individual who's values and morals are second only to her generous heart. Great Job!

McGuireAustin said...

I find this amazing and sad at the same time. I bet that Jimmy is really struggling to make it on his pension, but Francisca has no clue as to why she is wrong.

Jimmy needs to get a job, any kind of job. He needs to be with people and make his life better by earning something beyond his pension.

Francisca needs a kick in the pants... maybe on a daily basis. She needs to develop a pride in doing something other than complaining. If she is an example of the NY city college system, it is failing its students.

LaurAyn - keep up the good work and the good fight. You are a very interesting woman.

LaurAyn said...

@Rob- $900 for a studio...one ROOM apt.

@S.P. -thanks...and don't forget I almost always add a side of "F" bombs along with all those wonderful kudos you gave me. :)

Mum-me said...

My goodness! I certainly hope there are a lot of other choices of candidates.