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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Think I Blew It

I went out again with the guy I mentioned in the last post. But I think I blew it. I do like him but I also think he is insecure and I have a hard time teasing and being playful with him without him taking it to heart.

The man is sweet and kind. But he is also obese. That's the truth of the matter. I think that it makes him sensitive. I've mentioned so many compliments but all I heard back in a moment from him was the words I mentioned when teasing him.

Look I'm 38 and anyone who knows anything about women that age knows that we have the hormones of an 18 year old boy around this time in our lives. It's been a long time since I liked a man enough to want to do the cha cha cha with...and even though he is heavy I was feeling it.

I had two yummy chocolate martinis and relaxed and let the night go where ever. If that wasn't enough for him to know I'm into him then he can go find some fat chick to work out his issues with.

I'm feeling a bit sad because I was excited to meet someone like him. But it's obvious when you send a text saying how are you today and you get zero response, it's over. Since we both have the same cell phone carrier I can see when he opens texts from me so I know it was read.

As I stated from the start on our calls, I am looking for a guy I can have fun with, be playful with and be light with. I think he has too many emotional issues which probably have manifested into his larger size.

I'm too pretty a woman, with a great brain to be stuck in this kind of thing.

UPDATE: OK this is why I hate dating. The newness freaks me out. I finally got a response. I half believe him, and perhaps he was sleepy when he checked his texts, and I saw that he did on my end...and the response was funny and cheery. OY!


lot 2 learn said...

Dating is such a pain !
Good luck to you : )

Perplexio said...
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Isolated Existence. said...

I agree dating is a pain! I do not see myself doing that anytime soon. Good luck! ;-)