"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, August 31, 2009

Paprika, Ted Kennedy, Esophogeal Cancer

Three things that are current in my life...

My neighbor is yet again heavily using the paprika and I can smell it strongly as I sit at my desk, in my bedroom thinking about what and how I will write this post. I'd rather smell my yummy coffee I just brewed, but that darn paprika is stronger.

At work this week I had the unfortunate chance of listening to two older ladies in their 70's fawn over Ted Kennedy and damn all the people who dare bring up Mary Jo. These bitties went on to say how Kennedy was framed. They damned those of us who actually care that he killed another human being. They actually said "All the good things he did for the poor completely make up for that incident."

WOW! You get a free pass for murdering another human. A woman. Going over a bridge and into water and leaving her there...saying nothing for hours and hours, never reporting the "incident" during all those hours because of all the good things you do after.

Hmmm...how many people get that time to do all those good things for the poor after killing an innocent woman in order to erase that one blip on your record?

I bet these same bitties are stringing up Madoff in their minds of course. He should rot in jail forever right? The man stole money and lives...but oh wait a second...these bitties are for Obamacare, which is socialistic, which means they can't be into capitalism, which means that they couldn't possibly be so angry and vengful over someone stealing money from the rich, right?

Of course I could never say these things to these bitties, one a german national who was a teen during Hitlers rule and bitched to me how horrid it was to lose so many family members due to the war. OK tell it to my dead incinerated family members that yours let Hitler kill, and the other a former bunny. (And yes it is bunny in the way you think. And no I'm not going to put it in writing here so it can be searchable and found online, traced back to me.) I'd say these things if I could but you cannot speak with crazy people who are emotional and irrational and don't use logic. You will just be shouted down. So here they appear on my blog.

I have a friend who was just dx'd with late stage esophogeal cancer. I'm (along with other friends) trying to get her into Sloan Kettering with any connection I have. As much as I'm against Obamacare, I do realize that our system isn't great and needs to be made better. She has insurance but her insurance isn't accepted at Sloan Kettering, the place where all the cancer studies are done and most of the best cancer/oncologists are, and where she feels she would do best. Thank god and his angels that I have a friend who's son in law in an oncologist who knows this one doctor at Sloan and he agreed to get my friends test results under his nose to see if he'd get her admitted and get a patient advocate to help her get her insurance accepted there for her treatment. I ask for your prayers. If you'd like her name for the prayers please email me.


Tony said...

My prayers to god for your friend no need for names god knows her and will watch for her.

Aleta said...

I was gagging at the first paragraph of your blog. I can NOT stand the smell of paprika. Absolutely can't stand it.

Ok, about Mary Jo.... you would have flipped your lid if you had been on the last tour we took on the last vacation. The tour guide actually defended Kennedy by saying, "He never knew anyone was really back there." Greg looked at me and ROLLED his eyes!

Loved how you flipped the Obamacare and capitalism with the bitties. Too funny... and sad, because it's true.

Please email me your friends name to put on my prayer list. My uncle Sonny is Stage 4 throat cancer.. he's on radiation and chemo and having a hard time, lots of pain.... he said that the doctor warned him that they are going to bring him to the brink of death before he can start to heal. My heart goes out to your friend.

Mum-me said...

Paprika has a time and place and that would be
time: dinner
place: Hungarian goulash.

I don't know much about the Kennedys
except they are often to referred to as the royalty of USA. I don't like royalty.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Esophageal cancer sounds nasty. I'll pray for her.

BetteJo said...

Um.. I don't even know what paprika smells like! The only thing it gets used on at my house would be deviled eggs - if then!

As far as Teddy goes - he seemed like a great guy to pal around with - his friends told wonderful stories about him! But - he shouldn't have gotten away with killing someone. And make no mistake - he was driving drunk, I don't believe he ever dived and dived again and again to try to save her. So he DID kill her. People want to canonize him now, but even the Pope gave him dissed him in the end.

BetteJo said...

Oh - and I don't bother arguing with people like that at work - I get too frustrated because I can't say everything I would like to. Sometimes you just have to walk away and vent later. Good choice!

Perplexio said...

It's sad that the left has made it seem like those of us who are against Obamacare are completely against health care reform. It's not the case at all. I'd argue that most Americans feel there is a need for health care reform... It's just that many of us don't care for the kind of reform that Obama has proposed. Whenever the issue comes up with someone from the left I usually lead with that bit of info.