"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Turning Neighbor Against Neighbor

The Obama Administration has asked for on the White House website for anyone to turn in links to any sites online that "give disinformation" about any of the proposals they are trying to ram through the Congress.

All I can say are the following few things:

  1. wake up Obama followers...this cannot be what you wanted. Please wake up from your cool-aid induced high and realize that those who disagree with Obama are not your enemy and that we pretty much all want the same things as you, we just completely disagree with the methods.
  2. Obama wants you to hate your neighbor and act like the Hitler youth, turning in your parents and friends and maybe even people you've never met, simply for writing their own analysis of the proposals that do not push his agenda and stated outcomes.
  3. And if you must turn in links of disinformation after reading my list I suggest you turn in whitehouse.gov The biggest offender of lying sack of shit crap ever to come across our country.

Go ahead and turn me in. I will not go quietly! I will use my freedom of speech to voice my concerns and disseminate information I agree with as it is my birth right as an American and don't you EVER forget that.

For all your anger and hatred toward George W. Bush and his policies, his administration never asked neighbors to turn on each other and spy and bring information on those who disagreed with him to his attention. And why should he or any government of ours do so.

If Obama has the truth on his side what would he need to do this for. Please wake up before it's too late.


Angry said...

Hi Lauren, I know that I did say at one point that I would not darken your doorstep again. But I'm prompted to because, although you eagerly announce how important it is to deal in facts, you sometimes fail to do so yourself.

After reading this post I went and looked at the White House site to see for myself, because if what you say here is trus, then I would be with you all the way on this matter.

But alas, what you say isn't actually what's on the site in question... what is there is this;

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.

It's hardly turning neighbour against neighbour... it's talking about the broad dissemination of disinformation.

Like... say... Betsy MaCaughey telling the world that there's a provision in the health bill where the government will not only counsel people on how to end their life earlier, but will encourage them to do so. Or that you won't be able to keep your current insurance. Clearly these utterances are NOT facts from the bill.

Because there are people out there that will believe Betsy's lies without checking the facts, then the White House needs to be advised so they can counter her misinformation by amplifying the facts to the community rather than let her fallacies remain unchallenged.

Just saying.

Mum-me said...

I am speechless - I saw an American TV program today in which people were discussing their disatisfaction with the so-called 'change' and 'hope' of Obama's.

Sounds like a 'change' for the worse.

Lauren said...

@mum-me- i let the moronic "angry" post her comments to illustrate my point for me.It is the very people in incredible numbers such as that asshat who come to sites like mine and insist they are going to tell me I am not giving facts and then write exactly what I said is happening but call it some doublespeak piece of shit crap on a stick new name and justify it.

Angry you're stupid and have zero brains cells.

I'm aware that people could and would go to the .gov site and read it for themselves when I posted my editorial. Do you know what that means you brainwashed moronic fucktard?!? EDITORIAL - my opinions on the facts. I OPINED!

You are a Hitler Youth. You haven't a clue what our nation was formed on and is based on. You have never read the consitution. You do not know what our true cultural value system is and so you come here and try to spread the coolaid. My readers arn't buying what poison you have to sell.

You have the audacity to call Betsy McCaugh a Liar?! It is you who lies. You post the exact words which are absolutely about neighbor turning in neighbor and say it's not.

Every expert has spoken about the death clause in this bill.

"ANGRY" your name should be stupid!

You don't care about making things better for people. You want to push a person and his agenda even if it is crap and lies.

I won't let you. I have a mother with a serious illness and I know the facts. FACT 1 - she'd be dead under the Canadian system because her life saving medicine was denied in Canada. FACT 2 anymore wasted time on you is just that. You are stupid. You fail to understand very basic baseline principles and these things mean there is not discussion.

Go to Cuba please. Do us all a favor. You are a true Fucktard. Hey Dani -- go for it. I nominate this idiot.

lot 2 learn said...

@ Angry
The .gov website you that you believe to be truth is nothing more than propaganda.
Would you take the word of someone trying to sell you something, or would you check it out yourself ?
You Obama zombies would hold hands and jump of a bridge if B.O. told you to.
A little research on your part would open your eyes to the so called " transformation " that is happening in our country.
Be sure to watch, and even attend a town hall meeting when your elected officials come home next week and see for yourself the power of an informed citizen.
See for yourself that real Americans that have read the bill are exposing these traitors for what they are

@ Lauren
My hat is off to you for being brave enough to speak your mind, never go quietly !

Perplexio said...
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Perplexio said...
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Lauren said...

@angry, and here's another fact for you, not that it would matter with an asshat like you, but it is completely illegal to collect data on private citizens who are using their first amendement rights. So to even ask for this informtion is against the law. AGAINST THE LAW. Those of use who write, and email each other anything we feel about the government and it's policies is expressing our first amendment rights, whether we agree or don't, no matter the content and to collect any data on us is AGAINST THE LAW. YOU ARE A PINHEAD Angry.

Josh said...

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BetteJo said...

I turned myself in.
I turned myself in as someone who STRONGLY opposes this healthcare bill.

People on Twitter are "reporting" each other all over the place, you know - I'll report you - you report me!

I can only shake my head at the people who really believe our president has their best interests at heart.

Waltsense.com said...

Hi Lauren,

First time at the site. I have to say - I love the FIB. That's Fire in the Belly. Which means being fired up for what you stand for. You go girl.

I'm a middle of a road Repub who hates the extreme of both sides. I think this behavior by the WH is paranoid and not straight forward.

Hope something works out with Health care as it needs reform, but not by government control.

Lauren said...

@bettejo-LMAO hahahahaha
@Walt- thanks for popping by. I'll take the FIB description any day over: liar and racist. Man i'll never understand people who do that and then have the audacity to say i call them names like asshat. LOL