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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home Schoolers Against Current Healthcare Legislation

Another reason to oppose the healthcare legislation...and any government involvement in our personal lives.

“Please oppose H.R. 3200, the ‘America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.’ In a time of economic hardship, the federal government should not take on a program that will double our national debt. I am also opposed to H.R. 3200’s creation of home visitation/early education programs through grants to the states. Parents, not federal or state officials, should make child-rearing decisions for their young children. Additionally, H.R. 3200 will expand the federal government’s role and will interfere with medical decisions between me and my doctor, as well as use my tax dollars to pay for someone else’s abortion.”

"It would significantly impact parental rights and early childhood education. While this bill is being promoted as a way to reform health care and help Americans, it should be opposed because it would:

Spend billions of dollars to allow the federal government to fund home visitation programs, where government officials would enter homes and monitor children and instruct parents in how to raise their children; Encourage states to pressure families to enroll their children in these home visitation programs;
Put the federal government in the healthcare business, resulting in loss of competition, loss of patient choice, and loss of patient freedom; Require all health insurance plans, whether offered by a private company or the government, to include controversial “essential benefits,” which courts or the Secretary of Health and Human Services may determine to include medical procedures which businesses and taxpayers may oppose on philosophical and religious grounds; and Increase the size and power of the federal government."

Go to the homeschooling site for more talking points on opposing the government involvoment in healthcare legislation.

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