"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How About Actually Listening To Our Concerns


Fox news showed the video to this story listed above.

Congress members are so upset that people are so pissed off that they come and shout "Kill the bill" and "Read the bill" and for these chants we are called a mob.

OK we are a mob...a mob of informed concerned citizens. In this case a lot of OLD PEOPLE.

They are afraid of OLD PEOPLE! OH BROTHER!

I have a really good idea to all the Democratic Congress Members: LISTEN.

Come to your home towns and instead of demanding to be heard, come and say to us, "Tell me what you object to in this bill and I'll bring your concerns to Congress and we'll make the changes."

It's so so so simple!


Perplexio said...

One thing that has me puzzled about this whole health care thing...

This seems to be Obama's "baby" his big pet project-- what he wants to be one of his defining pieces of legislation as president.

Now if I were a suppoter of his or of universal health care... I'd be pissed off at him. Why? Let's say I agreed with him (which you know I don't) I'd be thinking to myself-- "You've got this great idea for health care and rather than write up the plan yourself and come up with a plan that will work you've punted this to Congress who will surely mess this up to the point where it will be completely unrecognizable from your original vision. WHY?!"

Lauren said...

Darrin, that's a great question. Maybe you should post what you think his answer would be? I'd post it to twitter if you did.

Perplexio said...

I have no idea what his answer would be, unfortunately.

The GOOD thing to come out of this is that Congress is showing their true conceit. There is an elitism within the US Capitol building that doesn't know party lines-- although the level of arrogance seems to be greater with our current Congress than with their predecessors. The comments of the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, and etc. are showing their true colors.

If the protesters don't agree with them then somehow the protests don't count or don't mean anything because Congress knows far better what is best for us than we do.

I believe our Democratic Congress arrogantly thought that the goodwill much (although not all)of the American public had towards Obama when he was first elected was also directed at them. It wasn't, it never has been and never will be.

I wonder if Obama, so used to crowds on his campaign singing his praises, had grown foreign to the concept of criticism and maybe he mistakenly shared in the conceit of Congress that the goodwill towards him was also directed at them.

This is a blessing for those of us opposed to Obamacare. If Obama had kept tighter rein on health care it might stand a shot of passing in a form closer to that which he intended. With all those hands in the health care cookie jar and all the dissent that Congress is generating with their elitist snobbery his chances of getting any form of health care reform passed are shrinking by the day.

Lauren said...

Darrin, your lips to gods ears!

lot 2 learn said...

It is hard for these elected leaders to hear anything we say when they pick and choose the audience, and have their security there ready to pounce on anyone that goes against their sales pitch.
And if they hear anything, would they take it back to DC, or cast it aside with the astroturf ?

Perplexio said...

When Obama was running for president much was said about him being a former community organizer. This was portrayed in a positive way. So "organization/organized/etc." are a GOOD thing if associated with Obama.

When opponents to Obama's health care bill show up at town hall meetings held by their congressperson the word "organized" is tossed around like an accusation with very negative connotations in order to belittle or marginalize the significance of his opponents and what his opponents have to say.

So if we organize to sing Obama's praises it's a good thing, but if we organize to protest his policies we're the scum of the Earth?

I'm just trying to make sure I have all this straight as we enter into our New World Order...