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Monday, August 24, 2009

In Support Of Whole Foods

The Brown Shirts are protesting against Whole Foods because the CEO wrote an article that was not in favor of the current healthcare legislation and GASP GASP he wrote about what he does for his employees and how he thinks that could really work for us as a country. Do a simple google search and you will see the stories about the CEO of Whole Foods and his recent article and ideas.
(just one lead on this current story)

So last night after work I made a special trip the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and spent $24 on 9 items, many of them on sale, and then got on the longest check out line ever in the history of the world just so I could spend my hard earned money to show support for this store, their CEO and the philosophy they put into practice every single day.

Columbus Circle at night just outside of Whole Foods Market.

Me being silly in the subway at a movie poster for some new Bruce Willis movie. (I think.)


Tony said...

You did a excellent job on the Whole Foods support. I like the photos of you having fun. I looked to see if I had a Whole Foods near me, nearest one is 350 miles! I'll have to do some Emails in support. Tony

BetteJo said...

Sounds to me like the CEO of whole foods is a good guy - gives bunches of money to charity and takes care of his employees quite well. I didn't realize we had that chain near me but apparently there is one fairly close. I might have to make a special trip!

purplefrog said...

i like the glasses..Whole Foods is no where near me..i dont even think they r in AZ