"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trolls and Vampires Oh My

As many of my loyal readers/friends know, I am a mixed bag blogger with a strong leaning toward posting political videos and articles in support of Israel and against the Obama administration.

That does leave me as a target. And I always find it funny yet annoying when little old blogger me, gets a troll or vampire. It kind of makes me laugh. Why? Well, I mean seriously, I'm rather lazy and don't write a lot of my own posts, and I push you to other sources that I feel speak for me better than I could write a post myself and because I never started blogging for money or have the stature of Red Alerts or Israelicool or other similar and popular blogs. I'm not a professional writer.

What are my credentials? I'll tell you. I CAN READ!

So when I recently posted a teaser pointing my readers to another site writing about CUPE in Canada I found myself with a Troll. "is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion"

I debated whether or not to even post and then respond or not to said Troll. And as you can see I did let ONE of the 3 comments post and I responded. I also sought out Twitter friends to come and respond to the Troll as well. Troll of course is addicted to long replies that go off topic to deligitamize the issue at hand.

So this post is my attempt at non-laziness blogging ;) and my response to my non response.

Perhaps I called CUPE educators and they are support staff to educators at a University rather than simply a College (BTW the term Uni vs College not only is a cultural difference but completely insignificant to the topic at hand but I digress) but...

Since the Israel-Pali conflict has ZERO to do with anything any Union that is comprized of educational support staff is unionized for I fail to see why they are in any way involved in a protest, talk, lecture to affect the policies of said University to change their policies, curriculum, etc...to do with Israel.

But I'll go futher. What is the obsession with demonizing Israel and supporting a Sharia loving anti-women, anti-gay culture? Why Israel? Why not rally in support of the people of Bosnia, Rwanda, Sudanese non muslims, Kurds who are being ethnically cleansed? From 1991-1996 200K HUMAN BEINGS were murdered in Bosnia due to ethnic cleansing, border disputes and due to religious differences. Since 1994 800K Rawandans have been murdered, ethinically cleansed due to border disputes and religious differences. In the Sudan since 2000 400K HUMAN BEINGS have been ethnically cleansed due to border disputes and religious differences.

Why does CUPE and my TROLL jump on the bandwagon of the U.N. to continue to single out ONLY Israel for racism and continue to make charges of ethnic cleansing when clearly the numbers, and politics of Israel do not support such claims?

Israel born out of not only biblicaly giving of the land to the Jews, but the historical ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Europe as well as Jews of Arab lands, is made up of Jews from such places because of being expelled simply for being Jews and is forced to continually physically defend herself from constant suicide bombers, rocket attacks at civilian centers, discos, pizza joints, busses and every other aspect of what should otherwise be normal daily life is being attacked by the leaders and supporters such as my TROLL of people like CUPE while completely ignoring the atrocities in the rest of the world.

CUPE and their supporters refuse to recognize that muslims living in Israel and the territories have not been expelled by Israel. They were however refused citizenship to Jordan and Egypt for all the YEARS they were under occupation by those countries...their own Arab/Muslim brothers.

So no Troll you will not hijack my blog and take over the conversation and sway it in another direction. Be gone!


dani c said...

Who are they ? I'll be their asses for you....

David J Blackburn said...

as a reformed troll i find this post demoralizing! we can't help ourselves. our glacial minds can't...bush lied people died...
wa...where was i...
9/11 is us/israel faul...no that's not quite...
obama will ascend and...no...
hater! neo-con! rebublican!

oh, never mind. i can't read more than 140 characters anyway.

(great post though! 8>)

swile67 said...

i didn't see the troll comments which is for the best..didn't know what a troll was btw so thanks for the "lesson"...when you called your post York College I knew exactly what you meant...it is a cultural thing... your colleges are universities up here!!:) i didn't see the need to "correct" you like that troll!! all the best!

Rob Taylor said...

Meant to stop by earlier to thank you for the kind words. As for the Jew hatred-don't bother trying to be reasonable with them. Many people on the left harbor ill feelings toward most people (leftism breeds contempt for others) and Jews have been historically easy targets for this.

No amount of logical argument will sway them. it is acceptable to hate Jews (though attacking Israel and it's ability to defend itself and grow it's economy) and that's what they want. The are bad people in general and will use any excuse to wallow in their petty hatreds.

You're better than them.