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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well as many of you know I'm on a budget. I don't mind being on one. It's a test of self control and will! It's a challenge and I luvs me a challenge! HEEHEE!

This week I did fantatic on my food budget. I saved $37.21 and for just under $70 I bought 41 items!

I am now the proud owner of 36 eggs! Yes I wrote 36. I will be learning how to cook and enjoy various omlets, for breakfast and dinner. Two cartons of 18 eggs each were on sale for $5! So for about 30 cents a meal I will be eating about 18 egg meals. YUMMY!
And did you know that March is frozen food month? Well at least it is at my stupidmarket.
So I have frozen peas, brocolli and other varieties of frozen veggies gallore. 10 boxes for $10.
And even better I needed vitamin water for one of my clients and it was on sale. 99 cents each. STOCKED UP!
And I even got to visit with my old friends Ben and Jerry this week. It's frozen and on sale. WOOT! They've been fun. Sweet to me ya know?
I even made a contact in the meat dept. and finagled a cheaper price on higher cost chop meat.
I'm set for a few weeks. On average each item cost $1.70. That surely makes a cheap meal no matter how you look at it! EGGCELLENT!
And at least I'm not eating Shmeet!


Jodi said...

I have an award waiting for you at my blog if you would like it. I enjoy your blog very much.


dani c said...

Damn, you go girl !!! I wish I was a smart shopper. I think just for laughs, I'm gonna add up my meal total and see what I get..

Lauren said...

@jodi- there's something on your page that keeps aborting the opening of your site. I'd love to stop by but could you fix the page for me first. :)

@dani- I dunno if I am smart or just good at picking up the circular and only buying what is on sale that I know I can use and will eat.

Da Old Man said...

Good deal. Since eggs are more or less perishable, if they close to "the date" you could probably make a quiche or something similar that you could freeze for meals later on.
It's frozen food month here, too, so I need to stock up on some frozen vegetables this week. Thanks for the reminder.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Good for you! It's the time to be frugal :O)

Kathy said...

"Stupidmarket." Love it! You know, I read that frozen veggies are better for you than fresh. They're flash-frozen soon after picking, so their nutrients are preserved longer than fresh produce. And, of course, frozen is cheaper. Can I take you shopping with me next time? You seem to have the touch for bargains.

Lauren said...

@D.O.M. - OY now I have to learn how to make quiche! Good idea...but another new cooking item for my list. :)

@Babs- Oh yeahs!

@Kathy - Howdy former lurker. LOL I didn't know that about frozen vs fresh. Well nonetheless it's certainly cheaper. Often I eat just the veggie for a meal and I feel better that way then when I eat meat. Go figure! BTW, just pick up the circular of your store and look at what you like that is on sale and absolutely refuse to buy anything not on sale. The register will tabulate the savings at the end and show you what you would have paid for those same items.

I don't have to go back for at least 2 weeks. Now if I could only figure out the same for laundry. HAHA!

musing said...

High five to you my shopping sista! (I have two cartons of eggs in my frig at this moment)

Lauren said...

@musings- they say you are what you eat. I must be chicken then. HAHA! Which blog from your list should I follow. I'm totally confuzzled. I see so many and then each one seems to have a different author...listed as living in different location. Please advise.

LadyBanana said...

Great shopping there! I have heard though that too many eggs cause constipation..lol