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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sadie Destroyer Of All

I do my best to be careful with my words. I am aware that they have a direct effect on reality. However, this little girl who is just about 1 year old now, who I just knew I was supposed to take home last year when I went to pick up KC and there she was in the cage with her, is the biggest bundle of energy. She is so curious and almost never learns her lesson.

She understands commands but will continue to jump on the bathroom sink when I brush my teeth and put on my make-up. I'll tell her to get down and she will. Two minutes later she's up with me.

Just about the only time she really learned to not do something again that I wanted her to stop was when, by accident she got one of her paws caught in the corner of the front door as I was closing it to leave for the day. I heard the largest scream and I freaked and opened the door of course. She cried and ran.

She was ok of course. But she never ever runs to be near the door when I leave the apartment anymore. She sits back and watches. She's still curious but she doesn't try to get out or see what is the deal with the door.

Well there she is in the first photo, taking over my desk as usual. When she was a kitten and less than 1lb she used to do this too. She took up the base of the monitor. Now you can see how this has turned out for us. Almost always when I am at the computer, this is where she is.

Sadie is obsessed with bags. Plastic bags are her favorite. She's also obsessed with the garbage can and finding Q-Tips. So I learned to use the small plastic bags from the grocery store for my daily garbage. I throw them out each day, rather than using a large trash can and waiting. However, sometimes she finds her way into those bags and gets stuck through the handle. Unlike the door incident, she hasn't learned. And when this happens you hear crinkle thud thud thud thud-----TEAR ASSING from one side of the apartment to the other. Saturday night she found this small paper bag with handles and she ran like a mad cat and ended up under the bed where I took this photo. She ran so much the bag ripped in half but stayed connected to her body. I couldn't stop laughing and I managed to snap this photo with my cell phone camera.


dani c said...

Awww she's too cute !!

Mum-me said...

Oh I miss my cats. I had two feline friends, but they both died of old age within 6 months of each other a few years ago. One of them had a bag fetish too. I can remember her tearing around the house with a plastic bag stuck around her middle. She was practically bouncing off the wallsand ceilgin! Poor cat - I was laughing so hard I couldn't move to help, and my HB had to catch her. (She never liked HB.)

Ronda's Rants said...

What a sweet girl!

Babs (Beetle) said...

So cute. One of our cats got a plastic bag caught just the same, but was in the garden. She ran and the wind made it rustle, it frightened her so she ran some more, it rustled more, she ran some more... and so it went until she was out of sight. She came home later that day without the bag but we have no idea how she got it off! Cats are so much fun.

CastoCreations said...

bwa ha ha ha She looks pissed. I love cat antics.