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Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Your Car Color Reveals About Your Psyche

First I find a story about how they rate cats' personalities and now they are rating us by the color of our car. Hmmm

My car is dark blue.

The full story is here.


swile67 said...

interesting story...my car is emerald green- a buick century, the car the majority of over 70 yr old Canadians drive!!!:):) lol! It's actually a good car!!:)

Julie said...

My car color is silver.....I'll have to go check out what that means.....

Carrie said...

My favorite color of all times is midnight blue, which is one of the reasons why I picked the same blog template as you ... closest color to midnight blue I could find.

However, I drive white. Always have. I married a guy that always drives white.

Our cats are not midnight blue. Our cats are two silver, one black, one sealpoint, one lynxpoint.

Lauren said...

Karyne, HIGH CONFIDENCE. "People who own emerald green automobiles, it turns out, have the most positive attitude about the course of their own lives."
Knew I liked ya for a reason ;-)

Julie - WANNA DO MY TAXES FOR ME?"Your accountant should drive something silver."

Carrie, "White, sunny yellow,
or bright blue Modest mood swings" hmmm :-0