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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun News

A new love is coming into my life. No it's not the 18 year old in the background ;-)

This little itty bitty is KC. (pronounced like Casey)

She is named after my childhood lovebugs, Keisha and Casper.

I picked her out of a litter of 5 itty bitties yesterday evening. They believe she is 7 weeks old. There was another I was thinking of getting, a black cat also female. But after a very hard choice I am taking only one...this little critter.

She fits in the palm of my hands. She is a little noisy, but what I liked most is that she seemed to like to sit on my lap and she let me rub her belly.

Emily was also a gray kitty, loved belly rubs and I miss being able to do this. Leo won't allow it. He is a rough and tumble little boy.

This litter is being dewormed and so for a few days while they monitor them I am lettting her stay at the Vet so that Leo won't get sick if they do infact have worms.

She has some striking markings which were a bit hard to capture since she is so curious and likes to explore, that getting still photos of her was hard.

Also check out Candid Carries Friday Foto Fiesta for another fun kitty photo.



Gypsy said...

She is just precious and I love the name you've chosen. I'm more of a dog person myself but she is certainly very pretty and will give you lots of love. Animals are the best that way.

Lindsey said...

How sweeeeeeet! I hope she stays that way, truly. My best friend Sarah picked out a cuddly kitten at the animal shelter, and the minute she took it home, it became the spawn of the devil. And stayed that way. I still have scars on my hands from that thing. But I'm sure your kitten will be a very sweet cat.

Lauren said...

Gypsy, I could not help but think she is adorable to look at. Hopefully the bonding process will prove her personality to be the same. Can you imagine two noisy cats?

Hey Lindsey, If she turns out to be like your friends cats I am going to ship her on over to your house! HEEHEE! Although she is going to have to learn to stand up to Leo for sure!

Leo is doing a lot better lately. I am able to pick him up and discipline him when needed. He has even started showing me more of his own kitty language and knows when I mean business too. :-)

Jessica said...

So CUTE! :) I love her.

Drowsey Monkey said...

OOOOOOOOOOoooooooohhhh...my god. So shweet! Don't play her that video tho! lol

Lauren said...

Drowsey, thanks! Yes she is adorable. When rubbing her scent on the washcloth, I lulled her to sleep. Hoping that is indicative of her personality :-)

I am going to play that card for her though. Curious as to how she reacts as well. Heck if she is gonna live with Leo she had better get used to odd meowing, heehee.

Carrie said...

Her eyes look like they are ice, ice blue! She is adorable. Congrats ;)

leezee52 said...

She's a real cutie!!! Enjoy her...they grow up so fast.

Susan said...

I love cats and she is too flippin cute.

jen721 said...

What a cutie! I wish I could have cats. Cursed allergies!

Lauren said...

Carrie, KC's eyes are a grayish blue. Hoping they get more blue as she gets older.

Leezee52-THANKS for stopping by my blog, and for your well wishes!

Susan, flippin cute eh? Like that.

Jen721- They make special baths for cats now for people who are allergic. I have a friend who does this with his THREE cats because he is allergic to them. I thought he was FOS when he first told me but apparently it works. Sorry you can't be around them when they are so flippin cute! HA!

Sunshine Buzo said...

Okay, she is sooooooo cute! It is rare that our cat will let us pet his tummy either, so I would totally be all over that.

I love their little meows at this stage. So dern cute!