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Friday, May 30, 2008

I Need A Name Please

OK I took two itty bitties home. This one needs a name. She is 5 weeks old and is not even from the same litter.

One of the office techs had been nursing her at home and took her to the Vet today to be adopted. The tech did such an amazing job socializing this one that when I sat near the kitty condo to see KC this one walked right up to me and wanted my full attention. I just could not resist.

No I will NOT be telling my mother quite yet. Mom is always worried about me and finances etc...and I just don't want to hear it nor stress her out. Mom has CLL. (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) As far as I know she doesn't know my blog address so if she mentions this second itty bitty she is BUSTED!

I don't know if it is my lack of photography skills or my camera but I just can't seem to do justice to how incredibly adorable this cat is. KC is so tiny and this one is smaller. She follows me around and loves to give kisses.

Since KC is named after Keisha and Casper and Leo is named using my initial and then after Emily and Olivia, I'd like to name this one after my first cat, Shana. I am thinking Shaila. But am not 100%.

So I'd like to open it up to my readers. I should tell you I don't like names like fluffy etc...I like people names. I'd like to make this a contest for the best (in my opinion) "S" name. If you participate in Entrecard, and if I end up choosing anything other than Shaila (pronounced Shay La) I will gladly give 100 entrecard points to the winner. I will choose a name in less than a week.

Thanks for your help. And mums the word to my Mom. Shhhhh!


Carrie said...

The cats that I named are Roger, Donna, Kevin, Celene, Dennis.

The two that came with names are Tiger Lilly and Mango.

I'll give it some thought, Shannon, Shasha, Little Shit, Shania, Shelly, Shelby, Shangrilah. Shiloh, Champaign,
Sheboygan (that's where I live), Sharona, Sh ...

leezee52 said...

What a little sweetie!!! My Emme when we adopted her she wasn't even a pound,she was sooo little...She also has a kinked tail...it looks like a lightning bolt. Give that little one a hug for me!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Ohhhhh my gosh, look at her blue eyes?!? What a beauty.

You're such a softie! Now you have 3 like I do you crazy woman you!

As for a name, hmmm...I'm not good at giving names, I had a dog for 17 years and her name was puppy.

But if you make it too close to your other cat you may mix it up sometimes ... I know I would! But the names you suggested are cute. Sometimes ya have to live with them for a bit to get to know their personalities. She looks like a sweetie tho!

Gypsy said...

What about Shanna, Shania, Shandy, Sugar, Skipper, Sadie, Sabrina, Sharley, Scamp, Sherbet, Scamp, Scout, Sara, Suri, Sophie, Scarlet, Sherry or Smooches. My absolute favourite though is SMUDGE.

She's a real little cutie and I'm sure you will find the perfect name for her.

Anonymous said...

Your kitten reminds me of "Cucumber Kitty" of book fame that my little girl used to read. BTW, I also have CLL.

Carrie said...

I forgot all about Cucumber Kitty and she looks exactly like her! Just add a frilly gown, or a poofy apron and bonnet, or an art smock and palette.

Lauren said...

Anon, Have to look into that book. Also could you email me to my gmail account which is the same as my blog address @gmail.com? Mom is not doing so hot and would like to pick your brain a little if you would not mind.

Carrie, There's one on your list I really really like. I am not sure what I will do yet though. One frilly gown, or a poofy apron and bonnet, or an art smock and palette on it's way. :-)

Leezee52,I'd like to see a photo of that kinked tail. Sounds funky. Will try to hug this one. She is a HUGE bundle of energy.

Drowsey, Softie or Sucker? Not sure which. I see my money dimishing greatly over these itty bitties. Puppy eh? I call just about every dog I see puppy. Drives the owners mad. HEEHEE!

Gypsy, There's one on your list I kind of like too. So hard!