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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kitty Cucumber And No Name Kitty

Carrie and others have commented how this itty bitty looks like Kitty Cucumber, or Cucumber Kitty. Never heard of her before. So I did a google search. I found this quilt for sale somewhere and copied the photo for your humble review.
I am NOT going to call her cucumber. But I do find this amusing. :-)


Drowsey Monkey said...

I never heard of that before either, but I do see a resemblance! I can't get over those blue eyes! I wanna snuggle her!!! :)

Carrie said...

Oh, I forgot about the sailor outfit ... You could name her Sailor. They should make contact lenses in a new color, "Sailor's eyes" ;)

leezee52 said...

How about Luna...Ruby...Sadie...Ellie....or Emme like my kitty?

Lauren said...

Drowsey, she is such a bundle of energy. She eats like there is no tomorrow and puked once. She will however snuggle up to sleep. She is smaller than my size 7.5 feet. You're welcome to take a trip to see her any time :)

Carrie, if she were a he I would choose Sailor in a heartbeat! You are really good with this stuff.

Leezee52, trying to stick with "s" names after Shana my first cat since I have named the other two after my recent one's (l)EO-emily and olivia, and KC-Keisha and Casper from childhood as well. And I think my Aunt might take great offense to naming her Ruby...which could be a good enough reason to do it...NOT. HEEHEE!

Had another thought maybe you guys can help me with? Since I worked with initials, maybe we can mix up Shana in some way to come up with a neat name. Who knows? Anyway, keep 'em coming.

I don't know why this is so hard for me to choose. The other two names were no brainers for me. Hmmm

Carrie said...

Well, you are having a hard time because this is the oldest you've ever been!

Google anagrams and you'd be surprised what you occurs. I think Sailor is an awesome girl name, too. Besides, it is hard to sex a cat ... are you sure you have a girl? ;)

leezee52 said...

Ok....here goes...I looked up cat names and came up with these....Shianne...Sabrina.... Stardust and you can call her Star!
Any name but Snowflake...that's what they named my Emme when we adopted her..ick!!!!

Carrie said...

Alright, final offer: Sailor Elise (pronounced eeleese) Oh yeah, give the girl a middle name for when she's naughty cuz you know it is going to happen. And you'd better grab that name before that bradgelina do!

Lauren said...

Carrie, yes I am older than I have ever been but you MISSY are still older than I am. NANNIE NANNIE POOH POOH ;-)

I like many of your suggestions but I am not getting that resonate in the pit of my stomach feeling with any, not even my own first attempt. Usually it hits me and I just know it is correct.

Leezee52 - I love your spunk for coming up with more. Terrific energy! Thanks for signing up for the feedblitz. Hope you know I don't usually write about kitties.

Let me tell you guys about what I noticed so far personality-wise for this one: ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY, leaps from front to back legs like a bunny when she runs. Eats like a pig. And follows me around. Because of the last part I am thinking of Shadow. I I have never named a pet using anything that wasn't a people name. But she does shadow me and KC a lot. BUT I am still not sold.

Hang in there with me. I'll let you guys know soon, a week or less. And will be giving out entrecard points to those who worked to help me, even if I don't choose anything from your list. Hell, no one works for free! But I will try to be fair.

Carrie said...

How about NRG to go with KC.

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

She is sooo like that kitty on the fabric!

I'm terribly good at picking lame names for other people, so I won't even suggest one.

Gina said...

After reading this entry, I've googled for Kitty Cucumber and found really cute stuff on Ebay! Now, I want to collect Kitty Cucumber.

That kitty is adorable..And she does resemble Kitty C...But I'm with you with giving person names to cats and all pets for that matter. Ours is called Bella.

When you've finally decided on a name, hopefully, it will do justice to her cuteness =)

Lauren said...

Jane and Gina - First thank you for visiting me!

And yes I did settle on a name. I am going to post it with some new photos or video or both sometime tomorrow if I am not completely exhausted from my commute and working all day in the city.

Maybe my photos and video are kind of boring to most but I am enjoying them so much I can't help but want to share. :-)