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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Strange Overheard Conversation

I read about a similar topic on one of the blogs I read, and just can't remember who's blog. If it was yours, please comment and I will add your blog name and link here in the actual post. It was about overheard conversations. That blog wrote about a pretty spicey conversation at a DIY store between lovers.

Mine wasn't so juicy but oh so odd.

Last night while walking to a night gig I do from time to time I hear the following behind me and I although I never turned around I could tell that these two guys are pretty young from the tone of their voices:

"Yes, yes I am going to retired in five years"
"Then why are you so upset? Who cares man if your are going to retire in five years."
"Yes, I am going to retire in five years. But I can't constantly take hearing that I am a moron. I can't handle that even if I am going to retire in five years."

I have no idea if these guys were brothers, lovers, co-workers, best friends.

(Young and can retire in five years????)

All I could think was, ARE YOU SINGLE and AVAILABLE?


Outnumbered2to1 said...

AMEN! Wonder what they do for a living or could it just be wishful thinking? Can't be too much of a moron, eh?

Lauren said...

Outnumbered2to1-That's what I was thinking!

Carrie said...

Come on, you two.

Maybe he is retiring from porn and therefore only has five good years left!

Gypsy said...

I think they may be dreaming unless Daddy is uber rich in which case....sign me up for a date too.

Lauren said...

Carrie, 1st I am LMAO. I like how your mind works! And 2nd I am wondering how that still isn't win win. j/k

Gypsy, In NYC he may be totally telling the truth. But at this point even if it is due to daddy, heck yeah sign us both up for dates.