"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slow Down And Learn Why You Should NOT Vote For Obama

I've been called negative and flared as soon as I started to write about my political views on my blog. Many of these nasty comments came directly from regular readers of mine who followed me from almost the begining of my blogging last year. These nasty and judgemenatal comments came from the same people who loved me previously, sent me awards and meme's and talked to me off site and some who I even spent months and in those months hours at a time chatting and emailing with and sharing their personal issues and lending them an ear. And from this lovely bunch of "good people" "non negative people" "inclusive and politically correct people" I was sent this clip. If you go directly to the site where the clip is hosted you'll see this very inclusive and politically correct title for it : "Half-Retarded Drunk Rednecks Rail Obama"

Last time I checked, the left was screaming bloody murder if you used this word even to describe yourself in a stupid act. The last time I checked it was name calling used in this fashion. The last time I checked being retarded was a medical condition that afflicts many families that I do not think would appreciate this.

I also believe that the sender of this clip to me was trying to make a point that somehow all McCain supporters are stupid white people who are always drunk. What I found so ironic in watching this is that even these "stupid hill billy drunk white folks" knew the issues and could hold an intelligent conversation and use real facts to support their choice and feelings and opinions. Even when the woman is provoked to use the word "niggar" she corrects them.
So much for trying to make her sound racist!

BTW Senator Obama’s racial background consists of the following: 50% white (mother, both sides), 43.25% Arabic (father, both sides), and 6.25% African Negro (father, one side, 1 generation removed). 12.5% is the legal threshold one must prove to claim racial status under the law. In addition, Senator Obama cannot make a sociological claim as an African American either. He was not raised as an African American, was not raised by African Americans, and was not raised in an African American neighborhood.

And to that last statement about me spending time lending my ear to many of these bloggers only to be turned on after I started blogging about politics, let me clearly state I don't regret that because I made that choice willingly and need not one thing in return for doing what I think a good friend does PERIOD.

Those same people are intolerant of my views. Even though I have clearly shown well-thought out arguments based on facts, shown videos of strong arming tactics, bullying tactics, anti-semetic remarks, hateful and racist views associated with the candidate I do not support, to show my reasons why I could NEVER vote for that person, I have been accused of some horrible things and had mob tactics and brainwashing tactics used against me. Much like what you'll see when you watch this next video. I have experienced similar on the street in NYC myself.

Simply by showing a black man in a video who I thought was brilliant, analytical, give a well - thought 10 minute speech about why he supports McCain and how his experience in the black community has been because of it and how he feels about their treatment and conclusions, I was called racist. I posted that video here on my blog and on a blog social site. There my thread was hijacked by a mob of anti-mccain bloggers. Notice how I don't say pro-anything. Instead of talking about the things the man in the video said, I was attacked personally. They tried to tell me I put the thread in the wrong category, twice. They changed the topic to make it about me defending McCain rather than the topic at hand. And they did this like a mob of rabid dogs. No one could answer and keep up with the barrage of bullets coming at them that fast nor should they have to. Because good people do not behave in this way.

James T. Harris a black conservative talk show host discusses this very subject on his shows and has walked off CNN for this very reason. http://www.620wtmj.com/ He calls the tactics I mention the Generation Xer way of coming at you vs being a gentleman.

Watching Fox's morning news, I listened to a group of supposedly undecided voters voice their reaction to last night's debate. Most seemed to think Obama did better. Especially on his healthcare issues. When pressed for a reason one said, "Well it seems like we do better and get more from him but I don't really understand how."


Isn't that the ojective of a MAGICIAN? Slight of hand...making things SEEM like they are fanstastic but the reality is it's just a trick?

Another undecided from that select group said that everyone can relate to Obama and he understands us because his mother died of Cancer and most people have that in their family.


If most people have that in their families then wouldn't that thought process apply to John McCain...Wait a secooooonnnnnddd! McCain is a CANCER SURVIVOR himself.


Here's a video all the "undecideds should really watch and realize who they would be voting with.

I've also showed severe media-bias such as this new headline:

"Secret Service looking into Obama threat at rally" currently on Yahoo!
If you actually read the story you'll find that what is taking place and what has been deduced is that there were tapes of these supposed events at the McCain Rally and what was heard was "tell him".

The honest headline should have been: Secret Service investigation finds no threats made at McCain Rally.

Why is this important? Let's break the sentence down for you folks.

Obama threat at Rally is the headline
Those are the key words in the headline and that is the idea being put forth. And if you're the kind of person, which most internet readers are, that never open a story and only zip through headlines for the overall summary, that's what you're left with, a confirmation of what Obama said at the debate last night, that there have been reports of threats shouted about him at McCain rallies.

It's a big lie!

I've personally heard from people I work with, "But McCain doesn't support the middle class"

That's another big lie.

Here's another source that will give you a long list of lies NObama has been publicaly caught in.

I've also heard the "but he supports Bush" argument. And I said what I was so glad to finally hear McCain himself say, he's not running against Bush. McCain has a clear and long history and record of his own to stand on. Let's talk about the two candidates.

Then from the same person I heard, "Well I do like John McCain it's just that Sarah Palin I don't like. She doesn't have enough experience."

Sarah Palin has more experience in government as the second on a national ticket than Obama has as the first on a nation ticket. Those are just the facts. I'll agree that her foreign policy experience is weak. However so is Obama's. He's done nothing in that area either. Nothing. Taking trips to Europe does not count for foreign policy.

I've heard such arguments that McCain is a terrible person because he didn't support Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Arizona and voted against it. True, he did and then he thought about the issues and changed his position. HOWEVER, this is a weak reason to not vote for someone and try to say they have racist tendencies.

While Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man in our great nation's history, he was also just an ordinary citizen. He didn't hold office. He wasn't President, he wasn't a Governor of a state. He was a great preacher and charismatic. And incidentally he was a Republican. I'd like to know what other holiday in honor of a person that didn't hold office we have as a National Holiday. And please don't tell me Columbus Day because we honor him as the one who discovered what became our country today. It's not the same.

If Martin Luther King Jr. is to get a national holiday why no uproar for Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Susan B. Anthony. They ARE the true equivilant to Dr. King and they were the ones that paved the way for him to be able to do what he did for blacks in this country.

It's pure silliness and a victimization argument. But if you're going to stand firm on it and say it's about racism and shows McCain's character flaws then you have to give just as much creedance to the character flaws of NObama and those he associates himself with and the hatefilled speech that they STILL TO THIS DAY MAKE, not made when he was ONLY eight.

Jesse Jackson made the Hymietown comments when NObama was in his 20's. And to this day he still makes anti-jewish remarks. Jackson's son is on NObama's campaign team.

Reverand Wright was his spiritual leader for 20 years and NObama himself wrote an entire book which outlined his racist feelings towards whites and how to treat whites.

Rezko and Raines...well google them and what they did to the poor people in this country. Slumlords and embezzlers of poor black folks hard earned cash, working directly with the predatory lendors who intentionally mislead these poor black folks into loans that would double and balloon on them in only a few years after signing the papers ensuring that they wasted all their money each month, for years paying into a mortgage that would never let them see full ownership of their homes.

And then there's just LARGE and in PLAIN SIGHT vicious RACIST hatred of his friend who was invited to his church to speak on many occasions, Louis Fahrakan. And if you're just one of those people that couldn't care less about Jews, then try to wrap your small-minded brains around this idea. YOU'RE NEXT! Think I am wrong. Please go watch Brigitte Gabriel's video's about her life in Lebanaon as a Christian Arab. (the link is on the left side of her home page)

I've heard that all Republicans are gun loving, gay hating, anti abortion nuts.

Heck I used to feel those things too. But the truth is that those are blanket statements and that while it may have been the majority in the past, it's not the majority now. There's a base, true, but there's so many more people like myself who are staunchly pro-choice, pro-gay marriage and not gun loving that relate better to the values of the Republican Party.

I'm here to state my views and give you an idea into the thought process not to give an education about the Republican party's values in depth. For that, I say to you, to get off your duff and do your homework as I did. Read books, read Republican sites. Don't bury your head in the sand and let others tell you how you should think. And don't demand that I tell you. I believe in personal responsibility.

Here's a blog that lists a very informative news story from Investors Business Daily.

If you want to learn more about NObama's policies and how they will affect us all, go read it.



Lincoln said...

The Anti-McCain bigots don't care about truth or facts, so attempting to engage them in rational dialogue is almost always an exercise in futility. Their entire belief system rests on a foundation of violent bigotry against anyone who might hold a contrarian opinion that clashes with their worldview. They are truly hypocrites of the worst order. =P

Da Old Man said...

I haven't voted FOR anyone in many years. It seems that I am always choosing the lesser of 2 evils. Sometimes my choice got in, sometimes not. And sometimes, I knewI was throwing mjy vote away by voting for a 3rd party candidate. But, no matter the choice, I have never worried about who was elected. I knew they would eventually move enough towards center that I didn't have to be concerned.
I don't see that this year. I believe McCain is more or less centrist, while Obama is far left. I worry because he is being embraced, and the sheeple do not even question any of the obvious lies both from him and surrounding him.
I believe they are looking at sound bites and not looking at the surface. They are reacting to him and ignoring it all based upon not so much his views, but their dislike of President Bush.
I could turn this into a book, so I'm stopping hee. But please, I hope everyone just looks at all the fraud, and thinks about it before they vote.

Aleta said...

My personal views are that McCain is not an extremist. Extremist scare me, because one way or the other (conservative or liberal) - it's not a good thing. A lot of people are concerned that McCain will be the "same old, same old" as what we have. I hate to tell them, no matter WHO gets into office, Americans are screwed for a while. This crisis mortgage and credit card fears are just beginning. Whoever takes office will have a butt load of trouble on their hands..

I think you gave a great report on your beliefs and I'm glad that you are sticking to them. If people want to attack, they will. But ultimately, you have the right to state what and how and why you think a way and even at that, not defend it.

But you know.... any time you bring politics (or religion) in a conversation (and especially during election year) ~ well, it's part of the games. Sorry that those who supported you were so negative once you spoke politics.

tiffany1377 said...

Keep on girl! You're one of the few bloggers I follow and that is BECAUSE OF your intelligent and honest posts. I'm truly distrubed by the fact that Obama is being given such a free ride by the mainstream media. Some needs to call him on his lies. As McCain mentioned last night...he(Obama) is a great speaker, but you really need to read between the lines(lies).

Chat Blanc said...

Sing it sista!

I'm so very sorry you have been attacked in blogland and in person in New York. This enrages me because I DO NOT impose my feelings and believes AGAINST Obama on ANYONE. I DO NOT throw my support of McCain in ANYONE'S face nor THREATEN or BOO them. Why cannot you and I expect the same civil treatment?? The attacking tactics employed by aggressive and vocal Obama supporters are NOT inclusive in nature.

I am one of those Republicans you referred to--I'm pro-choice, pro-gay marriage and moderate in many other ways. And frankly, I'M PISSED that you and I feel unsafe in discussing our views and political preferences openly.

My caution to those who are excessively and abusively promoting their believe in Obama-- be careful, you're starting to resemble the actions, tactics and closed mindedness of those you claim have OPPRESSED others throughout our nation's history. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right. NOTHING can justify the hatefulness that surrounds this election.

Lauren said...

To all of you, Thank you for your support. Seems this very post lost me another "friend". So sad that the truth being exposed makes people hate the truth teller. So be it.

I saw this on Productive Slacker's site:
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."--Dr. Seuss

Ben said...

I read you comments and watched the videos. I have to say that you make a good case. I am not anti-McCain. I am certainly anti-Republican as they has systemactically managed to chip away at the fabric of the country that I served for 23 years in the military to preserve. The best example of this is Sarah Palin. Anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-environment, pro-censorship, and a perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican Party today (and I was a Republican until 1992). I will vote for Obama despite his lack of experience because no experience is better that four more years of the national nightmare we have been living through during the Bush administration. It has to stop today.

Lauren said...

Ben, hmmm. Even though I make a good case you'll still vote with a man who has lack of experience because you want to vote against BUSH. Then you're four years too late, because the time to vote against Bush was when he was running. And let me see if I understand you correctly, you USED to be a Republican but aren't now because you label them as "Anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-environment, pro-censorship". Now I call you out for the liar you are. Because you see if you were a Republican until 1992 then you were with them during the period of time that they had a stronger base of those things and ASBOLUTELY would have held those values along with them. The Republican party has changed leaps and bounds since that time to be filled with less and less of those types of politicians and more and more inclusive ones.

But even going further on your statements basicially you are saying that although you see gang mentality clearly presented to you here on my blog by the current supporters of the democratic ticket, racism, hatred, false accusations of threats, lies lies and more lies, you'll still vote for a man who stands firm for white hatred, racial and class warfare simply to not have the same as the last eight years.

J'accuse...you've never been a Republican. I let your comments up simply to stand for what you are and do and nothing more. You didn't get over on me.

Lauren said...

To my other readers: I commented first and then checked him out. You'll be happy to know my instincts are correct. His blog leads to a myspace page he labels as the last liberal. Ben lives in Florida and he claims his name is Ben Hussein. Need I say more! This is what we are up against.

Ben said...

I have to admit that I have not been as politically aware as I am now. I voted for Nixon every time he ran and wrote his name in when Reagan ran (I thought he was an idiot). I voted for George Bush the First until the 1992 Republican convention when Pat Robertson gave his speech stolen directly from Hitler.

It was then that I left the party. I was not keen on Clinton, but he did leave us a surplus and was for the right things. I not only voted against Bush both times, but actively blogged against him on by Texas Blog. I have only been exiled in Florida for five years.

Oh, yes, check out my blog. I will keep Hussein as my middle name until Barack Hussein is elected.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry that speaking out has lost you readers/friends. :( I encourage you to keep doing what it is that you feel is right.

About this election...I am not happy with either candidate. I'm well read and informed about both, and I feel they will both lead the way to Socialism. One is just a shorter road.