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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Was Only Eight AND Time To Get Fact-ed

I've been thinking...so watch out!

NObama's EXCUSE regarding his STRONG ties to Ayers is and has been "I was only eight when he did those things."

So since this seems to give him a pass with the media and the Obamamaniacs I am going to coin the term and invoke this in all my responses to the moron leftish mobsters when they make stupid comments here or on blogsites.

Anytime they try to use race as an excuse to further their causes, bring up slavery and the history in this county I reserve the right to invoke the "I was only eight principle!"

OBAMANICS: Slavery in the United States caused....fill in the blank with the nonsense they'll end that sentence with.

ME: When slavery existed I was only, wait, I wasn't alive then so it's ok for me to associate with and have dinner with and take money from _____________ today.

Want to join in on the examples you'll use? Leave them in the comments section.

Time to get FACTed: (fact-ed=information you should understand so you don't get fuck-ed)

Tax relief

Obama: Cut taxes for ONLY household making less than $200,000, and keep them flat for those making up to $250,000. Bottom line: Top earners would pay more, low-wage workers would get more than under McCain. (Us against them mentality. As far as I was raised, these are not values of togetherness, compassion, healing or hope. This is pitting one group against another with huge negative judgements against one.)

McCain: Maintain Bush tax cuts and reduce taxes across all income levels. Raise exemption for each dependent to $7,000 from $3,500. Guarantee 100% of all savings for six months. Cut corporate and capital gains taxes. (We're all in this together and we'll all get a tax break. Even puts forth actual numbers not just blanket promises with no details.)

Mortgage crisis

Obama: Enact a 90-day moratorium on most (some people losing their homes don't deserve our help. hmmm) home foreclosures, provided homeowners are trying to make payments. Create a new agency to provide lenders with "meaningful incentives" to refinance bad mortgages. (So much for being "for the little guy". Biggest do nothing statement yet. A big damn deal 3 month reprieve! INCENTIVES -- haha. Look what they've done thus far with the money we gave them to bail them out: spa packages and trips to fox hunt. Yeah that'll work Nobama!)

McCain: Buy bad mortgages directly from banks and replace them with fixed-rate, government-guaranteed mortgages for homeowners at reduced value. Taxpayers pay the difference. (WOW an actual plan with details given to us. The home owners win and the taxpayers win to, because, call it what you will, the result will be that people will be able to pay the loans and stay in their homes. Your neighborhood's values will not plummet. Those people will be able to afford to go to the local stores and buy food and other necessities which will keep those employees working. Those employees will have paychecks and add needed taxes to the system AND have cash to spend in at your business which keeps you employed...do you see where I am going here?)

Retirement funds

Obama: Allow families to withdraw up to $10,000 of their retirement savings without facing a tax penalty through 2010. Seniors earning $50,000 or less would pay no taxes. ( Oh Geeze! Thank you Obamessaiah for FORCING/ALLOWING my family to take $10K NOW. As far as the Seniors go, he knows this is a joke. His own campaign and followers think McCain is gonna die in office so by his estimation there's not much to give or lose here. -- Just sayin!)

McCain: Allow seniors to delay mandatory withdrawals from IRAs and 401(k)s so stocks don’t have to be sold in a downturn. Withdrawals they do take would be taxed at the lowest rate, 10%, through 2009. (Believes in helping Seniors to save their money and make it last for a long timetime ahead of them, and not lose value by taking their money out now.)

Stats above come from here.

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tiffany1377 said...

Great post!! Keep em coming!
I think there was quite a bit from the debate that needs to be fact-ed!