"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barack Obama and Raila Odinga

If THIS doesn't bother you about Obama NOTHING WILL! WAKE UP good people of the United States of America. Stop being the sheep to the slaughter. This man is NOT Hillary Clinton. This man is sleeping with murderous dictators. Look at this! Listen to the message Odinga tried to bring to his election. Look what happened. LOOK. OPEN YOU FRIGGIN EYES! Get out of your white guilt!

Let me be even more clear about this. I am not NOT voting for "O" because I think he is a Muslim or that he sides with Muslims but because of the PARTICULAR Muslims he sides with.


Well it appears that the Obaminites had the above video pulled. I guess NEWS REELS reporting his capaign activities and then NEWS REELS of the same rhetoric of CHANGE and then NEW REELS of Odinga calling for riots after he lost the election and NEWS REELS of the MUSLIM's burning and rioting and burning down churches filled with refugees isn't the message you want getting around the internet when you're trying to run for President of the United States. So I'll have to get other videos and piece it together for you. Please be patient.

You see this is how they deligitimize people like myself. If you remove the actual news clips that reported this and the only people who are reporting that here in the United States are from the Right, if the MSM refuse to report the news and only want to be the Public Relations Machine for Obama then it now becomes just the people from the Right's mouths and our mouths telling you and then they tell you how racist we are.

Here's a smaller clip with less of the one that was pulled. Please watch before IT gets pulled too.

(embedding not allowed. I believe that the clip pulled was also Reuters. I am not 100% sure. It was powerful. That I am sure of. They showed all the clips of Odinga calling for riots. They showed the churches burning too)

Hey Sarah Silverman REALLY "we're all the same inside"? I beg to differ. Thanks for being our modern day Kapos by perpetuating every anti-semetic and racist feeling about "how Jews really feel and behave"! Seriously, what would we do without YOU!?

There ought to be a show named in honor of you: Who wants to be the BIGGEST DOUCHNOZZLE!

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

You're our first winner of the douchenozzle title?


tiffany1377 said...

The first video has been yanked already!

What was it about?

Da Old Man said...

So, the USA is the asshole of the universe? Yeah, you can easily spot the people who love our country.
I'm glad Jimmy Kimmel dumped her skanky ass.

lot 2 learn said...

I give my vote to silverman for the award. I wonder if MSNBC or CNN would like to post some of this footage ?

tiffany1377 said...

What's the big deal? I'm SURE that there is a logical excuse. No way would Obama consort with such a person. I'm just guessing that they were from the same neighborhood or something. Maybe Obama was really just there to promote education or proper tire inflation. That's probably what he was doing...holding a rally about proper tire inflation and some crazy, right winger took video and then doctored it and did some voice overs. Yup, that HAS to be it.
Maybe the Obama campaigne should hire me...I've got their excuses down pat.