"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, October 26, 2008

How My Days Have Been Going

If you've been visiting my blog the last few weeks you know I have become more and more political. So I thought it was time to just take a breather for at least one or two posts.

Because if you haven't been swayed by all the facts and evidence I had posted here thus far, frankly you're not ever going to believe any proof I put in front of you about Obama, you're obsessed with hate for the Bush administration and hell bent on punishing the wrong person for that hate, a good man, a man with 30 years of a public service record showing what HE stands for and what he doesn't stand for and even his opponents have clearly stated how well liked he is by both parties. If THAT isn't a man who can bring people together I don't know what else I can tell you. Obaminites claim they love how he has brought out more people and illuminated them. But I don't see the evidence of that. I see neighbor against neighbor over Obama. (See video below and linked quote under it.) I see dirty looks at my McCain/Palin button and little boys about 10 years of age GASPING at seeing that button. Or people like this "thoughtful and eloquent man"

that I suppose hasn't seen THIS: Then, I came up with a groundbreaking way to *stop* the lies and the smears, and I urge the Obama campaign to make it an official effort.What the Obama campaign should do is set up a "Neighbor2Neighbor" program. When someone in your community starts spreading lies, you can go to the Obama website and fill out an "incident" form, typing in the person's name, their contact information, and a description of the lies and smears they're peddling. A "campaign counselor" can then contact them by phone to discuss with them all the ways they're wrong. In extreme cases, counselors can even go out to the person's home and try to talk some sense into them. Obama himself said we need to get into peoples' faces and convince them to vote for him, and this program will help us do just that. Of course, the campaign shouldn't reveal the name of the tipster, but after the (former!) "smear spreader" sees the light they'll be grateful to whoever filed the tip.

Or he is completely deaf and dumb to this:

I see and hear a man who belittles you or worse for showing dissidence rather than being forth coming about his past, his birth certificate which even I who lost mine and had to get another one as an adult could easily do with a few bucks and a phone call.

Oh yeah...how my days have been going. HEEHEE
So here's how my days go:

  1. Wake up to Sadie jumping on me or knocking down something on my computer desk.
  2. Avoid feeing the zoo for as long as possible.
  3. Feed two 5lb monsters and one 13lb monster while trying not to trip over them as they run in front of me and jump on me.
  4. Get on computer and check email and read blogs and comment.
  5. Go to bodega and get coffee and bagel and possibly yell at bodega guy for some stupid thing he says to me that day about my hair or how tired I look.
  6. IM with poor D.O.M. cause he's the only other sad sack around during the day. ;-p
  7. Write posts for the blog.
  8. Scour youtube for interesting videos to post for my readers.
  9. Watch Fox News throughout the day.
  10. Search for mindless shows to watch on television: Jon & Kate Plus eight or Little People Big World are my favorites.
  11. Hope the cats don't "death by doodie" me too much during the day. THIS act stops all others from happening, whereby I must go and clean the offending doodie immediately before all oxygen is sucked up out of the apartment and we all die a horrid death.
  12. Yell at Sadie or KC to get down from the highest spot in the apartment where anything of value is sitting...watching them freak out at my appearance and knock at least one thing down for me to clean up. :-(
  13. Watch zoo fall asleep together for hours and hours looking angelic...run to get my camera and take photos as proof for myself that they can actually be calm.
  14. Beg g-d and spirit for more paying work that I love and money to pay all my bills, debts and rent and enough left over for something fun that will get me out of this apartment.
  15. De-funk.

Now after all this fun information ...if you haven't already made your way to the crotchety old man's blog yet hurry up! He's still running his chocolate give-a-way.


Aleta said...

Greg said yesterday, "I'm tired of seeing the politics on TV. Enough already, everyone has already made up their mind." They are trying to pound it into the brains.

By the way - laughed at # 11. The minute I clean the kitty litter, Tigger goes right back in there. Happens each and every time. It's as though he feels the need to reclaim - ARGH!

Lauren said...

@Aleta - Yeah I hear the same as what Greg is saying. But a lot of that is due to the fact that the facts aren't being fully presented to the public at large.

Re-#11- OMG Leo and the babies do that too. They fight to see who can get in first after I completey change the litter.

BTW I added an audio file to this post that I just found. See if this pisses off Greg and your friends some more.