"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain Button Experience

On Monday evening, in a sea of Obama supporters in NYC, I finally found a table selling McCain/Palin buttons. I had just enough money left on me that evening to buy the button. I was thrilled.

Walking down the street in lower Manhattan, ONE BLOCK from where the terrorist attack on 9/11 killed about 3000 people and sent my fellow New Yorkers scrambling, I noticed people looking at my button. Just that slight eye movement to see what stood out. It's a large button. I would have bought a smaller one but they were all large, no matter which party button the vendor was selling.

You could see people were shocked.

When I got on the train I had a woman stand in front of holding the pole where I managed to get a seat. She was of Asian decent. I would guess she was around my age give or take a few years at best. She kept looking at my button and then my face and then my button and my face. She did this for an entire stop. When the train came to a full stop, although it was still rather empty and there was no reason to shift or move, she turned her back to me and decided to face the people sitting across from me.

The party of tolerance. The leader of tolerance. HA!

Then a young man got on the train. While I wasn't able to get his initial reaction I did get this video. He did see me take the camera out and he toned it down a bit, but if you watch closely you'll see him try to glance at the button. He had seen it for a while already yet felt he still needed to do so. He even gave me a slight smurk. Before the camera came out he was more obvious. It's hard to take a camera out on the train without being seen and therefore changing behaviors but I tried.

I'm wearing my button proudly. I hope McCain wins. I think it's obvious that the facts support his win, but people seem to either not care about facts or just haven't been able to hear, read and see the facts due to extreme slanted media bias. McCain isn't driving the proper points home either. So we have to do it for him.

Please send videos you see that show the facts of the economic problems we are having today stemming from the laws that were changed under the Clinton era done under duress and bullying tactics of a very strong NGO ACORN, to give loans to poor black people who really didn't qualify for them or suffer the social stigma of being branded racist and shut down, picketed and harrassed.



Da Old Man said...

under duress and bullying tactics of a very strong NGO ACORN, to give loans to poor black people who really didn't qualify for them or suffer the social stigma of being branded racist and shut down, picketed and harrassed. and the key isn't that they were black, but poor. They used the racist angle to push it through.

Lauren said...

D.O.M. - Yes you are correct.

Ronda's Rants said...

I am very sorry people weren't kind to you...I admire people who are involved in politics and who vote according to their beliefs...that being said...I have a great big Obama button and I don't care who smirks at it!!

dani c said...

Girl....You sure he wasn't checking out your cleavage ? (joke)...I love the reaction..too cool..

Lauren said...

Rhonda, most Obama supporters are not kind. You are one of the rare ones.

Dani, WHAT CLEAVAGE! And did you see how gay this guy is. Which kills me because Obama doesn't support gay marriage and wants to sit with the President of Iran and have tea. A man who kills gays for being gay in his own country. Hmmm.

But you made me laugh! :-)

Chat Blanc said...

I need a button as big as my HEAD! Seriously, I feel like--if a McCain voter cries Nobama in the city, any city, does she really make a sound?

I really want to slap the smirk off that guys face.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I thought that guy looked like he was trying to intimidate you.
This post suprised me, I don't know why, but I thought there was more tolerance in the big cities...(am I naive or what?)

tiffany1377 said...

I'm so frustrated with American's right now. I just don't understand why Obama is doing so well. I have a theory that is probably very unpopular, but I'll blog about it later today. Oh yeah, did you get my email?

Lauren said...

Chatty, Well if I see another large button I'll get it for you too. :-)

DMom, people are people. And in bigger cities sometimes there's the pack mentality working harder. Does that make sense? Not sure I am ARTICULATING this properly. Let me know.

Tiffany, You understand all too well I suspect. Nope did not get it.

Aleta said...

Hmm, I know I commented on this one, but it must be lost in cyberspace.

Unbelievable that someone would stare like that. I'd watch to put a shirt on him to "smack"..

Heidi said...

So you are sayign that McCain and crazy creationism lady SUPPORt gay marriage. Hahaha. You have truly lost it.

Lauren said...

Heidi, you obviously have your head up your butt and haven't watched the debates. Neither party supports gay marriage. Thanks for being the living example of IGNORANCE IS BLISS for my blog readers today.

Lincoln said...

LOL, that guy looks like he was wearing a fruit salad on his head. =D

I'd be putting McCain/Palin stickers all over my ride but I don't want my beautiful car to get keyed or defaced, which is what I'm certain would happen.

That said, if Hitler: Part 2 wins my ass is hauling both cheeks to Alaska, where I can apply for a job to be Sarah Palin's pet dog.

Lauren said...

Lincoln, Yeah I thought about the bumper sticker issue myself. It's rather sad that people are like this today.