"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Left Is Not Right On Circumcision

A new vistor to my blog decided to write a slam piece against circumcision on his blog. This is my response to it.

I try hard to visit all my blog commenters own blogs. In that vein I came upon this slam piece and it really made my blood boil. This topic has come up more than once in my life recently because of the work that I do. (see the sidebar on my blog if you don't already know)

Look I'm NOT going back to that man's blog. He's offended that I am offended that he is absolutely cultural insensitive to Jews when he makes his slam and lets other comments on his blog go up in same slam fashion. TOUGH SHIT! BE OFFENED MISTER because you are offensive.

It's perfectly fine to have decided not to cut the teenie itty bitty FORESKIN of your baby boys at birth. But to use false and misleading information on your blog to sway others in your direction is not OK. To keep writing and insinuating that it is medically unecessary and in some way harmful is factually incorrect and IS culturally insentitive.

I always find it ironic that this leftist type of thinking will scream from the rooftops how we must be so sensitive to other cultures to the detriment of our own on just about everything except when it comes to ANYTHING that has to do with the Jewish culture or people.

Don't like that label. TOUGH SHIT! Be Offended! The truth hurts.

A fellow twitterer described me as "forthright"! WOOT! You betcha!

And before I get into all the FACTS let me just say that if this man who wrote that slam piece on his blog isn't a left wing liberal on other subjects, he sure as hell is behaving in that manner on this one.

Let's make no mistake, for the most part I am a conservative, but my values are based on my beliefs...personal responsibility, freedom of choice, human rights for women and men with no exception because a religion deems it ok to beat the shit out of their women or worse, and most of all INFORMED CHOICE.

When I commented how culturally intolerant his entire post and comments were as well as factually incorrect the overall answer was that he didn't understand how the WHO could make the statements they made, therefore it couldn't possibly be true (LMAO) and that he was offended at my statement that he was culturally insensitive to an entire race of people who have been doing this for more than 5000 years with no adverse affects, as being that we have free speech.

Free speech! Just love it. Another ignorant point. Because free speech doesn't have anything to do with you and me arguing with each other and it doesn't give you the right to spread LIES. Free speech has to do with the individual's relationship to and with the government. Nothing more and nothing less. It means they cannot cart you away for your stupid ignorant post.

It's a common tactic: when you cannot discredit the message, try to discredit the messenger. I faced this much of my life on my hot topics. Add Circumcision to the list of my hot topics. It's extremely politicized. The information posted online in MOST places is filled with ACTIVISTS slanted data and opinions. That's not fair to parents who love their children and have now been introduced to people who use psychological fuck with their heads and hearts tactics just so they'll do what you wish they would with their kids.

GET A CLUE MOTHER FUCKERS...THEY AREN'T YOUR CHILDREN. (sorry mum me for the language)

Just as I do not want "The State" to tell me what I can or cannot do with MY child, I also do not want activist groups shaping the policies of what I can or cannot do concerning the health of my child. PERIOD!

Whether we like it or not the truth is that most people make decisions based on MOB RULE! We want to be accepted. We go along to get along. It's hard to stand strong against the tide of cultural relativism in our own backyard. The group/mob will ostracize you if they are into whatever the flavor of the month is for them.

" liberals have themselves become fascist-totalitarians who oppose and mock all thought, every fact, that does not support their politically correct analysis and conclusions."

The mommy groups you'll go to so you can have other moms to bond with, as many single girlfriends won't have time for you anymore, will be so filled with this agenda-filled activist mentality --PICK A SUBJECT -- It Doesn't Matter Which, that it will be hard to find a group of friends if you don't go along with the garbage you hear that is NOT fact based.

I said this before: I have lost friends and allies over my truth-telling and support of Israel, America, and of free and independent thought.

I'm going to post the FACTS about circumcision tomorrow. And I am going to tell you now that I am not pro or anti circumcision. For me it will be done if I have a little boy. It's my faith/religion and I am ok with it.

What's important to me is that every parent is able to make this decision based on informed choice and nothing more.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Speedy just loves ya Lauren!

Never stop being you ;-)

Mum-me said...

Oh that's okay - I just skipped over it.

I agree with what you're saying. There are pros and cons to circumcision but I don't believe anyone can say you definitely should or should not have it done.

When our son was born we talked about cicumcision and came to the decision that we'd like to have it done. But the medical maze we had to go through! - attending weekly counselling sessions, watching videos, more counselling if we still wanted it, a 3 month 'think about it' gap before finally being 'allowed' to do it. We decided we'd just let it go and wait and see if our son had any problems. Luckily he hasn't so far, but a friend of his had to be circumcised at age 10 because of problems with recurring infection.

I guess what my rambling comment is trying to say is that Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they shouldn't present it as fact unless they can support it with facts.

Lauren said...

@speedy, thanks!
@mumme- facts coming tomorrow with links galore. What is really worrisome about your story is the three month wait. When done as a newborn the procedure is the safest and the people that set up the system the way you describe put the child's safety and health in serious jeapardy. Good for you for standing up for your INFORMED decision.

CastoCreations said...

Why is it any of his business? If we have a boy we'll probably have him snipped. So what? Why should he care anyway? It's our kid! Our choice.

But I forgot...liberals are only interested in "freedom of choice" when it's THEIR choice.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

But I forgot...liberals are only interested in "freedom of choice" when it's THEIR choice.

THAT was so true !!!!!

Great comment

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh my! it was done as a matter of course in the UK for many years. I have no idea if it's still done as readily, but very few boy babies were not circumcised. All the babies in my family were done.

Mum-me: Counselling sessions? I'm amazed! Whatever for? Were you asking them to castrate your baby? Is the world going totally mad?

I'm sorry, no offense intended but I can't believe that they have turned something so simple and quick into such an ordeal.

lot 2 learn said...

If you have an ear pointing south of you, you will hear me applauding your post.
I love the emotion you turned lose while writing, and only wish more people were as passionate as you
As always, a big fan here : )

Lauren said...

@castro- smart woman ya are!
@babs- boy you sure did make the same point in so much short time. :)
@lots-:D yeah people either really love me for this or really hate me for this. Hmmm LOL

tiffany1377 said...

Looking forward to your follow up points as I don't know many of the facts....but you have me interested!

Good post!

Mum-me said...

And the 3 month wait was after the 6 week counselling session/video sessions and then a further counselling session after that.

@Babs - yes you would have thought we were asking them to remove his whole penis!