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Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Quiz Time Again

A few weeks ago I said I'd institute a fun day where I would list an un-named quiz and let you list your total scores in the comments section. Then the following day or maybe two, I'll list the answers based on your scores.

This one's a little hot. But I think you'll have fun with it. And we need some fun around here! And let me just preface this a bit...if I could take the time to type this very frickin' long fun and funny quiz you can total up the answers for yourself. You don't have to tell me your individual answers...and by g-d I don't want them either. TRUST ME. When you are done, all up the total number of all your answers and leave your total score in the comments section please.

For the following statements list 1-5 based on the following scale:
5. Strongly agree
4. Agree
3. Don't agree, don't disagree. I'm walking the line.
2. Disagree
1. Strongly disagree


1. I smolder with desire when pleasuring my lover.
2. I enjoy seeing my sweete wearing only a huge smile.
3. Keep the lights on; I don't want to miss a thing.
4. Sex only in the bedroom?...You must be joking!
5. Experimenting with sexual positions is way cool.
6. Oral gratification is very sexy.
7. I am so proud of my seductive bod...wouldn't change a molecule!
8. Naked is my favorite way to dress.
9. I think, therefore I am ...sexy.
10. My lover's body may not be perfect, but it feels soooo good!
11. You bet, I can be a sex vamp or stud.
12. I am growing in my sexual prowess.
13. It goes without saying that deep, throaty kisses are without equal in my world.
14. I love playing sexy roles with my sweetie. Ummm, did someone say, "Action"?
15. When I am bad, I am so much better...let's talk dirty.
16. Watching dirty movies with my lover is a huge turn-on.
17. When I go out, I shine in the Sultry, Sexy, Sinful (with a capital S) clothes.
18. Ummmm, telling my lover what feels good is my "pleasure"...oooh yes, there!
19. Yes, lover tell me where it feels yummy...! I wanna hear those moans.
20. Sex is so develishly delightful when I dress sinfully sexy.
21. I adore chocolate, especially when it is being licked off... a little to the left, ooh.
22. I like to make up sexy stories, and act them out.
23. I love my toys...love toys, that is.
24. I pant for sexy underwear.
25. My lover and I often cuddle up with a sizzling sex book or video.
26. We search for daring and dangerous places to pleasure each other.
27. I am so into self pleasuring...if that darn rabbit just keeps going.
28. The hottest websites are in my favorites file...Ummm, come here, sweet sweet computer.
29. My sexuality is at the very core of my being, the indisputable meaning of and reason for my existence, the spiritual essence of who I am or will ever be. Yes, I would say it is important.
20. I have sex very very often, but never often enough. Oh, sweetie...where are you?...My motor is revving.


Mum-me said...

Okay I did it - now tell me how to score (the quiz, that is).

NotStyro said...

My addition might off somewhere, but I've tallied 120.

LadyBanana said...

I will try to get back to this when I have some peace and quiet..

Da Old Man said...

Ok, I totaled 128.

What does that mean? Am I a pervert, or a super pervert?

Mum-me said...

Alright, I added up to 82.

Lauren said...

@D.O.M. - do you want MY answer or the quizes answer. LOL

@all -I'll be posting the answers in a day or so. Waiting for some more of you to pop in and do this quiz too ;)

purplefrog said...

around 86-iwill be married for 15 years next month

Chat Blanc said...

my score is 95, but a)I suck at math, and b)I totally had to make up answers cuz it's been so long since I've gotten any!! :)