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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday And That's No Joke!

Holy shitbags Batman it's Da Old Man's birthday!

Well he says he can't remember his age. So I am wondering if this can pick him up a little, add a little spice to Da Old Man's life and spark his memory.

Oh wait, I forget (as it's been so damn long for me...OY) that men lose all the blood to their brains when they are excited. So whatever memory he has left, well ...

Now since he's so frickin' old I thought I'd show you all a good image/warning of what happens when you put too many hot candles on a cake. I'd hate to see this happen to my good friend Joe.



Da Old Man said...

Thank you.

I'll give you a hint, I'm between legal drinking age and a Willard Scott shout out.

Jessica said...

haha! Nice! Happy Birthday to Da Old Man! :D

Chat Blanc said...

Super cute post!!

Happy B-Day Crotchety!! Woot! :D

musing said...

Too funny! Reminds me of the time I blew out my candles and the smoke detector went off.