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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Hard Earned Money Ain't Goin' To You ANYMORE

People in my RL know that for the most part not much rattles me. You all read my rants. HAHA! YOU LOSE SUCKERS! :)

But there are some things that turn this calm person into an absolute rabid dog. One happened today.

I don't have my own laundry facilities and have to use a laundromat. Apparently they are almost all run by Asian folks who well truth be known have issues with pride and will be nasty if you tell them you aren't happy. Think I am wrong? OK go test the waters near you and get back to me.

So, I've been using this one place for more than a year. And they were good until about a month ago. Then after so long of using their huge dryers that basically burn your effing hands off if you try to take your stuff out just after it shuts off, last week I returned to get my dried laundry to find it removed from the dyer. Nothing was in the dryer either. WTF!

I was 10 minutes past the time I paid for. I was told that another customer used the dryer and took her stuff out already. WTF! Really in 10 minutes you dried all your items and took them out. I find that hard to believe. More likely you knew my M.O. of leaving and coming back late and always paying too much and took my items out early because they were dry and used the darn machine for yourself. BOGUS. I was angry and the woman the owner claimed used the dryer started screaming at me even though I hadn't addressed her, only the owner, and calmly might I add!!

Well when she started barking at me I threw some F bombs and told her to shut up.

Yesterday, two weeks later I confronted the owner about my stuff being removed. It seemed like things were understood amicably. But when I returned to get my stuff from the dryer and after paying for even longer time than I normally do I returned to find WET and not even hot clothes and I was only five minutes past the paid time.

The owner was no where to be found and his assistant was nasty to me and barely understood the situation anyway. I left a note to please add the proper time I paid for and didn't get and left my cell number. I returned 2 hours later and he did NOTHING.

I explained that the dryer wasn't working properly and that I have been a good customer for more than a year with no problems until this issue. He refused to give me 7 minutes or 14 minutes more for "free" to make up for the bad dryer.

To add insult to injury, he started to argue with me that nothing was wrong and someone used it before me. OH REALLY, so it couldn't POSSIBLY BREAK THE FUCK DOWN after that person now could it? THE FUCKING MACHINE IS LIKE 20 YEARS OLD!

I could see I would not get justice on this and that my money was not valued at this place. Only HIS money was valued.

I told him that he was not being honorable and obviously did not value my hard earned money and therefore would not see another dollar from me again and I would tell everyone I knew not to use him.

He told me that coming for a year was not a long time and good if I didn't come back. SO BE IT!

As I walked out the assistant said Thank YOU and in rabid fashion I told her FUCK YOU!

I don't know about those of you reading, but when it comes to services and my money I do expect that a business owner listens to my concerns and possible complaints and rectifies the situation. When I realize that I am being treated with utter disrespect all bets are off, no holds barred. I'm vicious!


Mum-me said...

I had to use public laundry facilities on our recent camping holiday, and it was an unpleasant experience - so I do feel for you having to go to a laundromat regularly. I wouldn't go back to that one either. Hope you can find a better place to do your washing!

NotStyro said...

Ugh! Laundromats suck! I've had to use them on occasion and you have to stay onsite and hover over the machines you're using or people will mess with your cloths.

The condo laundry rooms and machines aren't too much better, but at least people usually don't mess with your stuff unless you hog the machines (not take cloths out soon after cycle finishes).

Wish you luck finding a good place.

purplefrog said...

have u tried filing a complaint with the BBB? I would file a complaint ASAP!

Da Old Man said...

A year is a long time. The laundromat shouldn't get your money if they can't provide decent service.

Lauren said...

@mum-me - it's a pita to drag your stuff farther than you need to just to avoid this kind of place. But alas, I must and will. It's summer here so it's not too horrible. Winter time I'll find another way.

@not-Styro - this is the first building in a long time where I do not have facilities in the basement. It suckuth!

@purplefrogcat - I don't think this guy would care. He probably has some kind of slave labor working for him too. IDIOTS!

@D.O.M. -True Dat! And they aren't!

Isolated Existence said...

Good you are not going there anymore. I would do the same thing! When I used the laundromat I wouldn't move until I was finished because I knew people would take out my clothes. I got a small washing machine (I live in an apt. also) so I don't have to deal with the rudeness.

CastoCreations said...

Ug...If there's one thing I hate it's bad customer service. I work hard to give above and beyond the call of customer service in my business and (usually) my regular job too.

I haven't had to use a laundry mat since I was in college, thank goodness. I either took stuff to my mom's or we had a set.

I'd contact the BBB too...even if he doesn't care now, if enough people wind up complaining he will care.