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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Postal Worker? Or Lazy Fat Ass

It must be something in the stars, water, air because all the freaks are out the past two days. Tuesday I taped this video (below) I had just had it with the nasty verbal attack this postal worker lashed on me in the lobby of my building. She did it in private and I did mine in public and that's the only thing she has over me.

As I went to my mailbox and opened it I heard a voice yelling at me. On her way out, at 2PM (pretty darn late to deliver mail!) she was yelling at me about how my bank addressed a box of checks to me. Angry that they didn't put my apt # and then continued to yell that my name wasn't on the box.

In NYC we have tiny boxes with keys. The mail carrier has the master key and the only way to get into the box at an angle where you can write your name is to have that master key. When I moved into this apt. 2 years ago the mail carrier at that time added my name, in pencil. And I guess it's gone.

I tried to say all this to this woman but she was just yelling and yelling and yelling. And I even had to say to her, "You need to stop talking to me because you are being rude. Stop!"
And as you will hear in my voice, I had had enough and yelled back.

Now here's what you also won't see. Before I took the video, I walked by and discovered her sitting there waiting for her hair cut and as I walked by, she pointed at me and said to the owner of the store, See that girl....which is why you are now seeing my video and hearing what I have said.

Here's a tip mail lady: you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. All you had to say was, did you know your name was not on your box anymore? Or can I help you put your name back on the box?

Nope, I got, "Hey, I almost didn't deliver your mail. YOU NEED TO TELL PEOPLE TO PUT YOUR APT. NUMBER! I CAN'T TELL WHAT MAIL IS YOURS!!!" etc...screaming and screaming at me.

I made a complaint to the postal service and I told them about the video and pictures and how during work hours she sat for a hair cut while mail that still needed to be delivered wasn't and how she was screaming at me.

Now if she ever catches wind of this blog and the video let me just tell you this: I can't control how others write mail to me. Don't assume I don't always tell people to put my apt. #. And if it happens to not be listed how you would like, take a deep breathe and don't take it on on me the next time.


Bungalow Bill said...

Most people hate the whole post office experience, me included. Why we want the government to provide more services, which will just add to the taxpayer abuse is above me.

I love how this postal carrier leaves the mail out on the sidewalk with little concern for it.

Bungalow Bill said...

The Apollo Hair Stylist is the key for your mail never to arrive safely again.

Lauren said...

@Bill - yeah when I made the complaint I actually asked the person taking the complaint down for me if I can now look forward to my mail being blow up because I told on her. When I told him if they didn't take care of this immediately I would post the video on youtube he laughed his ass off. Go figure.

lot 2 learn said...

Yay for you dear !!!!!
I will post the vid on my site, with your permission of course, and help show the hardworking post office employees in action

Anonymous said...

wow......for you to actually have the time to post this and diminish the reputation of this carrier and also mention the salon along with the humiliation is unbelievable.....there are time that individual have their days and time that they dont>>obviously with this website that you have created and with your introduction as being a 30 something year old single woman only proves that you yourself is very bitter with your own life and that misery only upholds yourself.....with the everyday stresses that "everyone" goes through you really dont see the true stress on this particular job and what we must do to contain it. I hope that you one day being a single 30 something year old find hapiness

Anonymous said...

funny how it has to be approve by you and you only let others see what you want them to see

Lauren said...

Well I'm not sure who crzymailgirl is in RL but obviously she thinks it's perfectly ok to be rude, nasty, scream at customers for no reason, deliver the mail late, go have a hair cut on working hours, talk shit to your neighbors about you - defaming your character and that is just something that I and you should chalk up to just a bad day an individual is having and not get angry about it and post the offending behavior. TSK TSK on crzymailgirl. Seems like a liberal is trying to take the conversation of individualism and somehow apply it to bad behavior. Just makes me giggle.
So crzymailgrl guess what? YOU don't get to have a bad day at my expense. I don't get to take out my bad day on you at work, don't you take it out on me. As far as the assessment on my personality, hahahahaha, you haven't been reading here since I started to blog. You really don't know what you are talking about. But that you want to come here and be publically angry with me shows I must be doing something right by posting it.

Lauren said...

And the irony of the justification to have a bad day and such horrid behavior juxtiposed with the lashing at me for posting it. As if I'm not to allowed to have my days and take it out somewhere.

Aleta said...

OMG. I can NOT believe this. I'm glad you told them it would go up on the blog. And I tell you what, if that crap continues or she gives an attitude again, get a supervisor's name. This is horrible behavior!

Isolated Existence. said...

I'm glad you took the video and posted it! People are waiting for their mail and there she is taking a break, WTF? Just because she's having a bad day that doesn't mean she can be a total bitch and take it out on you!