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Thursday, July 2, 2009

MJ's Children

I really do not understand the question about his children and who will take care of them, except in the case of money hungry vultures. Because the truth is that MJ wasn't taking care of those children, the state awarded him custody even though he was a mental freak who's own family didn't step up and legally get him committed to a mental sancuary where he at the very least would have had a chance to heal and lead a life where his mind was at peace, rather than his body pumped up on so many drugs that you could have supplied a small state with the pharmaceuticals from his body.

So who has been taking care of his children? No one seemed to give a rats ass about that during the time he was alive. Why the question now? Where was Jesse Jackson during the mental suffering of MJ's life while he was alive. Hmmm?!?! Where was Sharpton during this time?

These god damn vultures only come out when the body is cold, when the tragedy allows them to profit in some way, either financially or thru publicity. They didn't care about MJ or his children before.

Since Jackson was born October 8, 1941 he wasn't old enough to be a part of any movement that made it possible for MJ to get where he did in his career and any professing to the contrary should be met with LIAR LIAR! (Yes yes he stood with MLK and I can go to a rally and stand by a famous person too and be a part of a movement. That doesn't make me a leader in it.)

Jackson and Sharpton are just two old crows! VULTURES!

Ironic isn't it that MJ played the scarecrow in the Wiz, who couldn't scare any crow away. How ironic his life and death played out that role.

Maybe his family will grow a spine and tell these people crawling out of the woodwork NOW, to take a hike. Send them all packing. I doubt it, but I can HOPE.
Oh and a very special Fuck You to Chris Matthews who I just heard say, without a smirk on his face on his Sunday morning show : Michael Jackson opened up MTV to blacks.
Are you fucking kidding me? MTV was started in the 80's you moron! Started by young, liberal people who didn't give a rats ass about anyone's color.


RetroKid said...

You mentioned that MTV was started in the 80s by young liberals who didn't care about a person's color. I was wondering if you could explain how those two things have anything to do with the fact that until "Billie Jean", MTV didn't have any videos by black artists in heavy rotation.

Lauren said...

@retrokid - You see that's the BIG difference between you and the people I choose to hang with. We don't and would never even think it was ok to put a sentence together as you have about HEAVY ROTATION. It NEVER EVER stops with people like yourself. A black person's music is being played and then it becomes about the amount of times. You will always be upset. You need therapy and not this other crap you involve your thoughts in.

There were very few videos at all at that time. They all sucked and mostly POP didn't get play. Disco wasn't the thing. But of course you want to make it about being black. I could debate with you, and you'll change the questions and on and on...cause you're that kind of minded person. ADIOS.

RetroKid said...

I ask a simple question and you respond by yelling and making personal attacks, lol. That’s awesome!

The term “heavy rotation” is used within the music industry, I didn’t create it. I have seen it used when a writer is discussing MTV and refers to the breakthroughs by Michael Jackson and later Donna Summer on the channel. The truth of the matter is, I don’t recall ever seeing any videos by black artists on MTV pre-Billie Jean and I was a regular viewer of the channel from day one. When black artists finally did get added to MTV, I wasn’t sitting around with a pad and pencil counting the number of times the video got played. I was happy to finally see them getting played.

If MTV was marketed as an all-rock channel at the time, I wouldn’t have any issue with them not playing black videos because there weren’t any major black rock artists then. However, MTV’s early playlists had room for pop, rock, country, new wave, etc. so I don’t see a valid reason why they couldn’t play black artists, esp. since there were several who were not only very successful on the charts, but had music videos as well. Below are just some of the pre-Billie Jean videos by black artists that didn’t get any play on MTV:

Why Do Fools Fall In Love by Diana Ross

Give It To Me Baby and Super Freak by Rick James

Lady (You Bring Me Up) by The Commodores

Uptown by Prince

Mama Used To Say by Junior

Candy Girl by New Edition

Let's Groove by Earth, Wind and Fire

Rick James even complained to the press about MTV’s refusal to play his videos. David Bowie also raised his concerns about MTV’s lack of black videos in its rotation so it wasn’t just blacks who felt that the cable channel was falling down on the job.

I’m not sure why you brought disco into the equation because the black artists listed above had either moved away from that genre by the early 80s or weren’t considered that to begin with. As for you saying that all videos sucked back then, I don’t see how that relates to MTV’s failure to play black artists in the early days. It’s not like black videos were any worse than what was airing on MTV at the time.

Your comment about pop not getting play doesn’t fly because it was not only big on the charts at the time, but MTV played artists in that genre before Michael Jackson’s breakthrough on the channel:

Africa by Toto

We Don't Talk Anymore by Cliff Richard

Is It You by Lee Ritenour

Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold

Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton

I don't holler racism at every turn because that doesn't do any of us any good. However, I don't see how anyone can't at the very least question MTV's lack of black artists before Michael Jackson made his breakthrough.

Since you mentioned it in your post, I was hoping you could answer a question for me. Who are the young liberals that started MTV?