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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nationalized Healthcare

The fairytale sounds great. Heck I'm all for the fairytale. Except that if you're a grown-up you should realize that the reality is that fairytales are just that tales!

The reality of socialized/nationalized healthcare is THIS .

This is the truth. The fairytale is propoganda. PERIOD!

As wonderful as it would be for every single person to receive free healthcare for whatever ails them, the reality is that it's an impossible program to implement.

I am a conservative who does believe that healthcare should be more affordable and that whether you are poor or rich you should have the exact same options available to you. No one should be sick or die simply because they do not have the money to pay for a treatment that exists. Yes. I believe that.

Where I split from the left is the implementation and idealism of nationalized/socialized medicine as the cure. It's a lie. The truth is that you pay through the nose in high taxes even in a politically free system such as Canada (as commenter Rhonda from Alberta mentioned in a post I wrote about a week ago) and have very little of your hard earned money left in your own pocket to spend on anything you might want or need just to get those services, and even then there are many drugs that are just not allowed in Canada even if they'd save your life, simply due to the cost. For example Rituxin which has saved my mothers life for 10 years. That is not a drug that prolongs life for a few months....it prolongs life for years and years and her quality was as if she were not sick with Leukemia. Not allowed in Canada due to the cost.

It's time the left/liberals woke up. Stop acting like infants, crying and screaming but not listening to facts.

Conservatives "fight" against them, not because we do not want the same things, but because we know that the implementation will not result in the very things they are crying out for.

Look what one doctor from Cuba wrote:

Letter from a slave doctor in Angola
A relative of a Cuban slave doctor, who was sent by the Castro regime to work in Angola, have sent me copy of a recent e-mail he received where the doctor explains how the Castro brothers exploit those who are forced to abandon their families and go work in foreign countries.
The name of the doctor has been omitted for obvious reasons. Here is a translation of what he said:
"Let me explain how the contract works. The Angolan government pays Cuba US$10,000 monthly for each doctor, but from that total, the Cuban government pays Angola's Ministry of Health US$6,000 per month to guarantee our housing and transportation. We have to pay for our own food. Of the US$4,000 left we only receive US$600, but 30% of the $600 is paid to an account in Cuba. I spend about US$150 buying food that I have to cook myself and if you check the phone bill, it cost around US$40 to call Cuba. As you can see, it is not easy."

Note - According to the relatives, the 30% that is paid in Cuba is in CUC Convertible Cuban Pesos that are worthless outside of Cuba.

Based on this breakdown, Cuba is receiving US$4,000 net after expenses for each doctor. The Cuban government pays US$420 ($600 less 30%) to the doctor and 180 CUC, go to an account in Cuba.
And the difference, approximately US$3,400, goes to the pocket of Castro & Castro Slave Traders Unlimited.
Some exiled doctors that I've talked to believe that the figure that the Cuban government pays for the "housing and transportation" seems high and is probably what the government told the doctor.
If that's the case, the difference that goes to the Castro brothers pockets could be even higher.
Multiply that by the thousands of Cuban doctors who are currently working in foreign countries and you can understand why Forbes lists Fidel Castro as one of the world's richest dictators.

Next time you hear one of those foreign ignorants talking about the "generosity" of Cuba's leaders in "sharing" thousands of Cuban doctors to help the poor and the needy around the world, show them this letter.


Anonymous said...

I find the idea of nationalized health care to be frightening because of the eventual rationing.

This is why I'm so pleased that the Obama Administration is pushing for universal health insurance instead.

Lauren said...

@drc8151 - UM it's the same thing! God either you think we are that stupid or you really do not understand. universal health insurance is government run health care which will lead to rationing.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are stupid and I think I do understand.

National Health Care is a single payer system run solely by a government entity and Univeral Health Insurance means that everyone is covered by some insurance policy - some private insurance and some government sponsored insurance for those the private companies refuse to cover - prexisting conditions or inability to pay.

Lauren said...

I couldn't be more clear in my response to you. Which I think explains why we have a moron like Obama electable. Universal Healthcare is the SAME as single payer...GET IT? Probably not!

You are either a troll or someone who is easily brain screwed by wordplay. Global Warming = Climate Change. SAME FUCKING THING! DUH!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Government run health care is corrupt and garbage. Junk at the expense of working people .... ahhhh wait, another hidden tax increase.
Never in the history of the planet has ANY government spent more, and proposed more taxation. We make socialists look like capitalists now. That is the pure truth. When the cap and trade + health care fiasco hits, even the rich will be broke. A nation of broke and welfare recipients?? Sounds like Russia circa 1970's. Never thought it would happen here in the "PREVIOUS" land of the free. Seems now free has a whole different meaning now - it means I work half a day to pay for OTHERS free stuff. That sucks, plain and simple.

Just a thought, but aren't we as a nation already spending more than the entire national GNP ??? That's right, read that again. Our nation has not only gone insane, 80% of the public has no idea just how insane.