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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Such Excitement

I have so much excitement in my life. It's just not the kind I wish I were having. I wish I could be writing to all the world, that I met a great guy, I'm getting the best sex ever and I'm so fucking happy about it.

Maybe it's because of that very reason that I find myself meeting up with the rudest and yes psycho people and I just can't stand them and their rude ways that are intrusive in my life. I dunno!

It's the small things that matter in the end. Really. Don't kid yourself. We all work hard, long days for small paychecks and when we need to park or get our mail or go to the grocery store we don't want to be met with nasty people acosting us, or cutting us off or stealing our spots. And for many people, myself included this just sends me to a blood boiling angering point. Because I would never do this to another and if I did and someone said something to me I would never have the balls to threaten them because I would know I did wrong in the first place.

So yes, there's this insane excitement happening to me this week. Maybe because I am single and a postal worker screaming at me as I mind my own damn business etc...I'm tired of people taking advantage of me because I am standing alone. I really am fucking tired of it.

So I hope to someday soon be writing here about more fun exciting moments, of passionate kisses, fantastic sex and wonderful dates with a great respectful guy instead. HURRY UP ALREADY!


Mum-me said...

Oh Lauren, when I read the first paragraph I thought you were saying all those wonderful things were happening. Then I re-read and realized I had taken it wrong. I was starting to get excited for you. Well, I can only hope you start running into lovely people for a change instead of all there weirdos.

Lauren said...

@mum-me - me too!LOL

Aleta said...

I'm like you. I wouldn't cut someone off or steal a parking place or yell at someone. It's a respect thing and in return, we want the respect as well, not the rudeness. I don't get people these days, I really don't.

Hugs to you!

Lauren said...

@Aleta, well I do yell, but it's yelling back. You did hear me in the video. LOL

Speedcat Hollydale said...


(and a hugga hugga) :-)

Lady Banana said...

Life is weird... totally weird that's all I can say right now..