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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Video Submissions For My Birthday Post

OK I could call all my bloggy friends total slackers...but that would be negative reinforcement now wouldn't it?

So I'm just gonna give you a shout out instead to let you know I'm still (demanding) requesting videos as my gift for my birthday which is coming up in just a few days and I need to set the post ahead of time. SO if you would kindly remit your video links to me in the comment section TODAY or Sunday at the very latest I would be so happy and it would bring such joy to this very very tired blogger who spent the last 36 hours on 4 hours sleep going around the city for her job.

Joe, Dani, Sandy, Diana, Karyne.

Now learn who's shown you up: Marissa and Mum-me.
And they're really adorable videos too.

You don't have to actually be in the videos. Just a fun birthday video to yours truly, the politically ranting chickie you've all come to know and love, right here on this very awesome kick ass blog :D
(links to all your site on the shout outs to follow...I'm just too damn tired at the moment to do it...but I love you all.)


Da Old Man said...

Don't have a camera.


Lady Banana said...

Yep, I'm a total slacker.. or I could say the truth is that I've had barely a minute since my son has been home! Sorrreeeee...

Da Old Man said...

Happy Birthday.


Da Old Man said...

Happy Day after your birthday.

Where you at?

Lauren said...

It's not my birthday YET!

Aleta said...

Ummmm... can you extend the time frame? I am going to try AGAIN to get Greg to help me with a quick video to you.