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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shittay Date on Tuesday Night

I'm writing this after just coming back from a crappy coffee date, so I don't lose the piss and vinegar before I tell you the story.

I guess the writing, literally, was on the wall with the IM I had with this loser from JDATE when we were discussing when to meet and I know damn well he chose Thursday night and when I was about to end the IM I confirmed by saying well see you Thursday and he wrote very nasty as if I got it wrong: well actually it's Tuesday.

The turd changed his mind and acted like I got it wrong. He also gave me the WRONG cell number. I wrote it down EXACTLY as he said it and when I sent a text to let him know I was on my way (since I'm on call a lot for work) obviously he never got that.

We met at a coffee shop and the first question he asked me was my name.


That's a first for me. Seriously you don't know my name? Are you kidding me? I asked him if he was serious. He said yes and was ANGRY about it.

I kid you not I thought right then and there, that I should tell him he has no clue how to speak to women and to go fuck off, and then leave. But I sat there.

I told him, "I gave you my name in my email to you."
He said, "NO YOU DIDN'T!"... "Where? What email?"

I said to him, "Jdate" And just looked baffled.

He then said, "That's all you had to do was answer. You answered."

I then said,"I also texted you saying I was on my way, didn't you get my text?"

Well we've established that he didn't. And I showed him the text I sent and he said I got his number wrong, that it was 696 not 969.

Sorry folks, I can get a thing here or there wrong, but not the day, not forgetting if I gave my name and on top of that his number as well.

Then he asks if I'd like to get coffee to go and go to the park. It's 8PM mind you. But I said ok and figured let me see where this park is. As it turns out it's next to a huge major roadway near me. So I was ok with it.

I did talk with him for about 1.5 hours but only to be polite and then I ended the date. The conversation was never free flowing. He was rude and defensive about way too much. And somehow he asked me about politics and I figured who cares, say what I want. I put in a lot of "F" bombs figuring he'd figure out that a gal who uses the "F" word on a first date probably doesn't want a second one.

There were many horrendous comments he made to me throughout and lots of put downs in passive aggressive ways...too many to write in a post. And really not worth it. He's a fucking idiot.

The good thing about this night was that I got my ass out of my apartment. I actually played dress up, did my makeup nicely and even used mascara, which I NEVER EVER use. I figured you never know who you'll end up meeting walking on the street.

I noticed many men taking a look, even guys on dates.


It made me feel good about me.

So anywhoodle...when I ended the date I said, well it's 9:30 and I really should get home as I have to get up early and I never know when I'll be called for work in the middle of the night.

The poor bastard just got up, said ok and turned to leave.

He didn't give me his hand to shake, although he saw me give him mine and awkwardly turned back and gave me the tips of his fingers to shake.

Now look I'm single at my age because I lost a lot of dating years due to serious illness and got screwed out of those very important years where most people hook up for life partners and get married. When I recovered I met a man I fell madly in love with and we talked about marriage but he broke my heart and bolted. And by that time I was almost in my mid thirties.

The men who are left are commitmentphobe, socially retarded rejects from the muppet show, who still think they are youthful frat boys who can get 21 year olds. But they're really bald, limp dick asshats.

I know there are a few left that are decent, they're just harder to find in the rubble.


Mum-me said...

"socially retarded rejects from the muppet show" Hahahahaha!!

Sounds like an insecure man. Asking about politics on a first date seems very strange.

Aleta said...

Keep sifting through the rubble. They are found by the patient.

I'm glad that you got out, got dressed up and felt good. Do that more often and smile back at the guys taking a look. You never know... and hey, what about getting dressed up and going to the park. Just to relax and smile at those guys walking by.

But yeah, there ARE some real idiots out there.

Lady Banana said...

You certainly meet the losers! Sorry to hear you had such a crap date..

Adullamite said...

I think you look great dressed up!
You are also too good for the type who were dropped on their head. The head turning shows you are attractive, and your personality shows through here. So you need not worry about your end, if that's the right thing to say, and hope someone decent turns up.
Kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. That's one toad down anyway!
Your eyes look great!

Da Old Man said...

You never know.

Mrs. found true happiness when she was a bit older than you.

Lauren said...

@mum-me - now you know I do like to rant about politics, but I also realize that it's really not proper on a first date. ;) Yeah i kinds of like the muppet line too.

@ Aleta - I'm gonna keep my eyes open as well as my EARS! LOL

@Adullamite- OK I'm a little scared of you now. How exactly do you know what I look like dressed up as I've not provided a photo. Hmmm

@D.O.M. - tru dat BUT I'd like to have kids of my own so I can't wait that long.

Adullamite said...

I'm right though, aint I? hmmm.

Marissa said...

I like Aleta's suggestion to smile back at the guys that check you out, even if they're with a girl - could just be his sister (lol). And give guys that look that says, "You know you want it."

I say Strut your stuff girlfriend. Show the guys what they could have, if they were good 'nuf to get it.

Lauren said...

OK Adullamite is scary the bejeebers out of me!

@ marissa, yeah expect the guy with the girlfiend was wearing an I love my boyfriend shit on. I kid you not!