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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Legend From My Childhood Dies

I write with mixed feelings. Michael Jackson, after 9/11 converted to Islam. He moved to the middle east and cut off ties with long time supportive friends. He didn't choose a "moderate" form to practice or follow the moderate sects in any way. He followed those brain-washed american/Jew-haters.

When Jackson rose to fame I was about 12 years old. I bought the cassette tape and played it over and over and over on my boom box on the street outside my house in suburbia and my neighbor Amy and I would dance all funky like little white girls do, right there in the street, while our parents looked at us, probably holding back laughter, trying to look supportive. Even then, Mom who has never held her tongue made "conversation" about how weird he was and did I think he was gay.

As kids we spent hours trying to perfect the moon walk and many of our friends wore one glove, YES YOU DID DON'T LIE NOW, and wore flood pants and those leather jackets with the weird pattern and buttons because we wanted to be just like him in Thriller.

As much as that windbag Sharpton would like you to believe everything is about black and white and all that other horse shit, none of us thought about him as a black person, not even our parents who grew up during a segregated time. It was never a thought in our mind. We were the generation that was brought up to be colorblind. It's only been the last 20ish years, as we are now adults that somehow this issue of race is supposedly such a fucking issue. Yes I said the F word. Whatcha gonna do about it?!?

In that respect it was a better time. We were a better nation. We just were. We didn't divide. We were color blind and it was a good thing!

As far as his music goes, I'll love it. It will make me sad to hear it knowing he is gone. There's something horrible in that even with all I've mentioned. It's just untimely and strange. I love his earlier music. I'm a disco freak. There's I've come out of the closet. I love disco!

But as I wrote about the love letters yesterday, the media is intrusive and goes to far. This man, even in his death deserves his privacy and so do his children and family and while we should eulogize him, that is where it should end.

Read the Rabbi's words about Michael.
Hat tip James T.


Bungalow Bill said...

I didn't know he converted to Islam. I am surprised he didn't change his name. I thought that was customary. Cassius Clay > Mahammad Ali, Lou Alcinder > Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Did Jackson take an Islamic name?

Al Sharpton never missed a camera, does he?

Lauren said...

I'm not sure the name he took. I think he may have taken one though. Did you hear his brother Jermaine speak? Listen to the last thing he said in the press conference.

Ronda's Rants said...

I loved his early music...especially I'll be there and his talent is undeniable....Thriller, I think is the best music video ever. But... a grown man who sleeps with young boys has a problem...period! He lost a fan in me!

Lady Banana said...

It certainly was a bit of a shock :(

Mum-me said...

I was shocked to hear Michael Jackson had died. Although I was never a fan and, being a classical musician, I didn't really like his songs I certainly respected his musical talent.

Rhonda said...

I was around that age too when MJ really hit the big time. I loved him. The only other star to really hit me hard with his untimely death was Heathe Ledger. So sad. I have to admit, though, when they announced MJ's age, 51, it shocked me. I could have sworn he was still 25. lol

Aleta said...

It's so sad and worse with so much anger one way or the other ~ for those who believe the charges against him versus those who believed in his innocence. *sigh* It's as if there's a battle over his spirit.

And his children... one would have thought if he craved love and attention, then his children ~ that very thing ~ his children ~ would give him the will to want to live. To be there for him. But... then again, he didn't live a normal life, because fans go crazy.

It's all very sad.