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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Turning 38 and Currently Dateless

It's not for lack of want, trying, not trying, sitting back and doing nothing or any other well-meaning suggestion singles like myself ALWAYS get about finding someone. "When you least expect it..." OKIE DOKIE how long can I least expect the partner for me to present.

I'm approaching my 38th birthday as you all know (and I'm still waiting for your video links except for Marissa! :) And here I sit another birthday without a partner/boyfriend/steady sex partner.

I've put up my dating profile and get barely any hits, any correspondence. Are these guys even truly interested in dating anyone, are the profiles fake, are the men "fake"? I've had professionals write some copy for me for that profile, I've added a little bit of me to it. It's light and fun and kind yadda yadda.

You've all told me how pretty you think I am (when my photo was up at the header) and I look like that photo, thanks to some good genes I did get from my parents, I tend to age well. Thanks Mom and Dad!

And here's the most frustrating part of all this for me: while I'd really like to meet "the one" I'm not opposed to meeting "mr. right now" either to learn from, enjoy, share good times and be intimate with, so I'm not demanding anything, just asking for an appropriate, nice, respectful playmate until "the one" does show up. And yet I'm getting next to nothing.

Out of the abyss I got a flirt and read the man's profile. Not much of a looker but to top it off all he could write was about honesty and how he hates a liar.


And all I want to do is scream "Hey buddy! Did you not have your chance to scream this out with your last girlfriend/wife etc..? Get over it and stop writing a profile that's really a last email to your last love."

When I was younger, and completely messed up, I had boyfriends up the wazoo. Now that I'm self-assured, mature, have my career together it's seems like famine rather than feast. I just don't get it.

So besides the wonderful videos I know all of you are in the process of making for me for my birthday post (needed by the 7th please) what I want most for my birthday is a long-term boyfriend...meaning a man I can respect and care enough about with that being reciprocal.

Oh and a Wii!


Adullamite said...

Tsk! It is that 'a man I can respect' bit that lets me down every time! Ptah!

Lauren said...

@adullamite - well as you write in your "nice" post, you've become very synical these days and I'm not quite sure how you meant your comment. Is is that you lose on the being respectful part each time with a woman, that you cannot handle that I can't seem to find a man that I can respect, or that men don't seem to be very respectful nowadays to women? Hmmm

Marissa said...

This was fun! Sometimes I wonder if a lot of men just love the "drama" type women and maybe they feel intimidated or whatever by the successful, got-it-together ones.

Hey, have you ever tried that speed-dating thing? Even though I'm married, I still think I'd enjoy that experience. LOL. (I don't know anyone who's done it.)

Lauren said...

@marissa-I've tried everything. The stories I could tell. Did you read my story on how I got Leo? That is a speedate story.

Aleta said...

After my divorce, I went to Match.com. I had given up. It was a 3 month contract and I cancelled it, but I still had about 3 weeks left. On the last week was when I received the email from Greg. It's not easy, but don't give up, OK?

Lauren said...

Aleta - I'm not giving up. That's a weird concept I don't get. I mean you just live your life right? But I'm not so sure I'm so into this online bull. It's so stupidly superficial.

Mum-me said...

I think Marissa is right, a lot of men are intimidated by confident women. My friend said she started going to church to meet nice guys - have you tried that yet? (Okayokaydon'thitmeIwasonlyjoking!)

Lauren said...

@mum-me - if I didn't know ya, I'd totally give you a snarky response...because I'm Jewish so um no I wouldn't go to church to find the nice guy. LMAO! ;)

Adullamite said...

Typical wimmen, you make a simple statement and they get confused! :)
Anyway ,me cynical? Ptah!

Lady Banana said...

Maybe they are scared of you now you are such a strong independent woman!

Whoops just noticed that's been said.

Maybe you could join a naturist club.. get right down to grass roots so to speak.

Maybe you should come and try some British men! :)

Whatever happens, I hope you have a great 38th!

Marissa said...

British men! Yes - Jason Statham. He's a perfect specimen.