"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little In Your Face Truth

I've posted and will continue to post the truth about Islam and terrorism but today I want to outline a truism about this situation that I think is not being spoken about clearly.

On Yahoo this week there was a news story about another murder of, this time, a Polish citizen who was killed by terrorists. They name themselves a lot of different things, Al Quaida, Hamas, Hezbollah...and many of them fraction themselves by their own religious branches of Islam. But they're all the same...a rose by any other name.

Here in the West there is a culture of willful ignorance. But I don't think it totally stems from a desire to be ignorant so much as it is from the need to feel in control. To allow elected officials to make claims that it is somehow due to our policies helps us feel in control of the situation.

However the reality is that is it only a delay of the inevitable and a bury our head in the sands approach to the truth. And this most recent murder of a Polish citizen is just more (sad) proof of what I am speaking about today.

The truth is that we do not have any control over this other evil culture that has millions and millions of followers. If there was a peaceful Islam at one point in time, it does not exist today. While there are peaceful Muslims on this earth, there is not peaceful Islam.

Islam does not care if you engage them in conversation or not. They don't care if you change your policies or not. They want one thing and one thing only; Sharia and they will do this through our weakened Western openness of other cultures, through shaming you into believing you are not tolerant of them all the while they refuse to be tolerant of your own culture and values. They will do this by force, beheadings, kidnappings, bombings, planes hijacked and crashing into buildings in your cities. They will do this with children's television shows in their own countries.

This is the reality. And the reality is that we do not have control over them, that changing our engagement with them will not control the situation or make us safer.

The only control we have is over what we choose to do as a nation for ourselves. What the hell does Lauren mean by this???????????????

I mean that we have to think about our own values. What do we stand for and are we willing to say our culture is superior to others? My answer is that we stand for freedom, openness, tolerance and that we should be willing to believe that those values do make us superior.

It is those very values that allow women to choose whatever kind of life they want to live, working out of the home, staying at home, doing both, dressing as we wish, running companies, going to college, choosing our own husbands/lovers and being equal in the eyes of the law.

It is those very values that kept an entire country, our country from rioting in the street against Muslims living here, right after 9/11. Unlike what is happening here in Sweden at a peaceful pro-Israel rally

There is no country and no culture that is perfect. NONE. ZERO. Doesn't happen. But it is time to start judging ourselves properly as well as other cultures properly.

How do we handle ourselves when a crisis happens? How do other countries and cultures handle themselves? Compare honestly. It will be in those comparrisons that we will begin to realize just how superior we are, just how gentle a nation and culture we truly are and who is truly the evil in this world.

Ironically, (the very brilliant) Phyllis Chesler has written and posted about this very issue today on her blog.

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Anonymous said...

I will never understand a people, a religion, a culture whose main aim is to promote hate and evil. Never. Well written, thought provoking post and I believe you are right.

Da Old Man said...

through shaming you into believing you are not tolerant of them all the while they refuse to be tolerant of your own culture and values.

These words sum it all up.

Lauren said...

@RA - Sadly we are both right.