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Monday, February 16, 2009

How To Make A Profit

Mom and I were talking about her work situation, the economy and the squeeze that management is making on the hard-working employees. Apparently they are no longer allowed to even talk to each other...as there is a snitch in the office and talking about your family to your coworkers is unproductive.

Well if you've been reading my blog for even a short time I think you know what kind of answer fell out of my mouth. It's similar to the script that Dani would be heard saying...and starts with FUCK THAT SHIT!

It's just a crock of crapola on a stick. It goes against every known psychological factual study to squeeze your employees like that. Just do some simple google searches and you'll find many books to back me up here.

Thank goodness for my mother that she is now working part-time of her own doing, semi-retired.

I doubt the owner of her company will ever wake up enough to realize he is ruining the morale of his company. He's too busy shtuping a woman younger than I, that he met at a bar and insisted be given a desk job in his company....snitch snitch snitch. (The man is in his 70's--- can you say ICK!?)

If you still need proof that putting your employees first, and not cutting salaries and laying off people actually grows your company's profits even in a bad economy, just check out these companies:

Nugget Market

Devon Energy



The Container Store

NuStar Energy

Stew Leonard's


Publix Super Markets

Yahoo did a write up on them here.


Jessica said...

Yuck about her boss!! :P

Quiktrip was my first job!

Lauren said...

@jessica - and he is THE boss. The one that runs the entire company. OY!

swile67 said...

Do you think his company will go under with the way he runs things? Some employers just don't get it...their companies would be more productive if they cared about their employees and not the money!

CastoCreations said...

AFLAC is an awesome company.

My company *is* laying people off. :( And morale sucks. But they really have no choice. We grew too big too fast and we're in the financial world. So we've been hit hard. They are doing it logically and slowly though so hopefully it will be done correctly, not just slashing to slash.

dani c said...

lmao " Fuck that shit" , but a great post. Kinda makes you hope other companies will come to their damned senses...

Lauren said...

@swile67 - who knows? It doesn't seem like he thinks with the correct head.

@castrocreations - that sucks. Sory to hear that.

@dani c - :)

PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

That old man looks like the body painting models for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition!

Kinda, sorta.

Well, not really.

Anonymous said...

Well as you know my husband got stiffed by a HUGE company who had no reason to treat him as badly as they did. He has an interview today...keep fingers crossed.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Awesome ... and true. People are not going to give their all to a company that treats them like dirt.


Ronda's Rants said...

I only shop at Publix...they seem to be such a good company!

Lauren said...

@paul-- NOT! ;)

@romney - better off starting new...perhaps he'll hit a company like the good ones mentioned here rather than being tortured by assholes for shit pay.

@speedcat - tell me about it!

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Speedcat Hollydale said...

Lemme in ... I know your in there!!!