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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chock Full Of Nuts

OK knowing my readers...who think they know me, I just have to say "GET YOUR MIND OUTTA THE GUTTER!" It's not that kind of post....today. :)

I've been on a quest for the brand of coffee I want to make for myself each morning with my new coffee maker Mom and Dad bought me for Chanukah.

I was never a big coffee drinker until a few years back when I dated "J" and he really loved to drink the stuff. It was about the only redeeming quality that man had...and I'm being nice when I say that. Achem...back to the post.

So I realized this year that I am wasting way too much cash on a cup of Joe each morning and it was time to make my own. How hard can that be really? Could I really burn water?

So I bought this really cool little coffee maker on Mom and Dad's dime for a gift. It's perfect for a small NYC apartment. It doesn't even have a pot. You brew the coffee and put your cup underneath against a button and the coffee comes out into your cup. Viola!

So I ran to Dunkin' Donuts and bought two bags of coffee grounds initially and I wasn't lovin' it as I thought I would. But money is money and I used every last drop.

Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to be out of the city, on Long Island at a real grocery store. (Those of you who've lived in NYC will understand that comment.) I had a nice variety of brands to choose from and even a variety of sizes to choose from as well.

And as I'm trying to decide what I should try next, there it was, Chock Full Of Nuts. And in a reasonable size can. Heck if I hate it I'm not stuck with so much. I'm not shelling out a ton of money either on the giganda size cans!

I remember my mother telling me stories about her mornings before she went to work. Her ritual of stopping at Chock Full Of Nuts for her coffee. I think it cost $.50 or even less at the time and was the bargain of her time and she loved it.

Today you couldn't find a Chock Full Of Nuts in NYC if your life depended upon it.

But there it was on the shelf. I took it as a sign that I should get that coffee.

If I like it I can have a bonding moment with Mom. If I hate it I can tell her it's her fault. WIN WIN!

It cost me $6 for the can and I am drinking my first cup as I write this post.

As I opened the can for the first time, it smelled so incredible. The way coffee is supposed to smell. And it tastes just as good as it smells. I've found my coffee.

Now how to lobby to get these back in NYC??


Anonymous said...

I bet your mum will be chuffed to pieces that you managd to find a can of her favourite coffee and better yet, you love it too. Good luck getting it shipped into NYC.

Anonymous said...

I bet your mum will be chuffed to pieces that you managd to find a can of her favourite coffee and better yet, you love it too. Good luck getting it shipped into NYC.

Lauren said...

@romany - Mom was tickled. Asked me if I liked it....well first I teased her. I kept texting her to guess what I found and she was frustrated. So when I told her she told me how much she loved that coffee. I found it in the grocery store. No need to have it shipped. WOOT! :)

LadyBanana said...

I've not liked coffee since I had my first child 28 years ago but my partner likes it and I can just about put up with the smell of it when he makes it.

Hope you enjoy every last drop of your new one :)

Ronda's Rants said...

I love coffee too!
Being the liberal that I am ...I am into Fair trade...so I buy Paul Newman's brand and it's pretty good!
Thanks for the kind words on my blog...Roley's surgery is tomorrow and I am kinda freaked!
I am glad you enjoyed your books as well...there isn't anything more wonderful than a good cup of coffee and a good book for me!

Da Old Man said...

Used to have those shops in many towns, even the one I grew up in here in Central NJ.

Lauren said...

@ladybanana - I didn't really care about coffee until a few years ago...truly. Go figure.

Rhonda-not sure what being liberal has to do with fair trade and Newman but if you like it OKIE DOKIE :)

I hope your pups surgery goes well. Just send him love and he will feel you by his side.

D.O.M. - Pretty cool. I didn't know that. By the time I was born...they were all gone. LMAO ;)

swile67 said...

i haven't been getting your update alerts on my bloglines for some reason...so came on over...it is really only 56 cents for the can? wow! what a great deal! i will have to send you some of our canadian tim hortons coffee to see if you like it...i have to make a mental note to send you a package. we love it up here however i think the take home stuff is different than when you get one at the coffee shop...i'm off take care and i can smell the can of coffee!!