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Thursday, November 27, 2008

News From Mumbai For Thanksgiving

If you want to see live video news from the Internet click on the link above.

There are reports that the Rabbi and his wife from Nariman House which is the Chabad House in Mumbai are missing. If you have ANY news of these people please leave me a note in the comments section please.

This New Yorker's heart and mind is with the people of Mumbai today. I hope and pray that all that all remain alive, well, safe and that the bastard mastermind and those animals that carried this out against civilian innocents are caught, and hung immediately for all to see.

Update: Friday November 28 from Twitterer in Mumbai -DG of NSG on Times Now. Nariman House - 5 hostages dead bt 1,2,4 floor so far. 3rd floor is still not clear.

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