"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gays And Obama

I lost a new friend over this election. He is a gay man and I tried to have discussions with him about the actual issues. I showed him many a story including the information about the University of Deleware's policy on indoctrination of all students that whites are by birth and culture racist including if you are gay. I am paraphrasing of course but you can do a google search to see this for yourself.

I tried really hard to show him that the Democrats especially Obama and his supporters do not support him in being gay or giving him the right to gay marriage.

His response was that I am so negative.

Well well...sadly I was correct. In California this election cycle, while so many came out in droves to support Obama and make him our next president, the same supporters...the Obamanites overwhelmingly voted in favor of Prop 8 banning gay marriage.

Hate to say I Told You So...

Truth hurts doesn't it?

For more information on Prop 8 http://www.insidegov.org/?p=167


chandrakant said...

Where in the article does it say that the voters who voted for Obama also voted in favor of proposition 8?
Whats really evident from the article is that conservatives are unabashed in their opposition to gay marriage.
"However, the newly-approved bans could be overturned in the future by a U.S. Supreme Court decision, which is why conservatives want an anti-gay marriage amendment passed by Congress."

Lauren said...

It DOESN'T say that in the article I sent you to for more LEGAL information on the topic. DUH!

But simple deducement shows that those who overwhelmingly voted for OBAMA, BLACKS AND LATINOS, YOUNG AND OLD, MOSTLY NEWER VOTERS voted against gay marriage. There's absolutely NO statistical way around that. NONE.

But go ahead and take your anger out on me. Typical of the left...to just be emotional and angry and WRONG!

Go ahead and picket the MORMONS who make up how much of the population in California, or old ladies cause they were the powerhouse behind Obama winning and were the "real" culprits for Prop 8. GEEZE!

It's the Obaminites, the black community, the latinos and the young who voted against the gays.


chandrakant said...

I dont know how you got the impression that I was angry or emotional? I was asking a question. And I thought the article pointed out a fact that was relevant that you didnt mention, so I pasted the lines. I can assure you, I am not angry or emotional, even after the fact that you wrongly assumed that I was.
And its also a fact that younger people voted overwhelmingly in support of gay marriage. The single biggest demographic that was instrumental in passing prop 8 was neither blacks or mormons specifically, but older people of all ethnicities and religious affiliations.

Which gives me the hope that it will be a matter of time before theres a majority support for gay marriage.

Lauren said...

You asked a silly question and I answered you.

More people voted against gay marriage than for. That's a fact. More people came out for Obama than McCain. That's a fact. The Obama supporters are the one's to vote against gay marriage.

You then went at me in a passive aggressive way asking me where in the article it states this...you didn't do your homework because if you did you'd see that the article I pointed you to was a very indepth piece on the legalities of the situation.

OY you are exhausting. You always bring up apples when I write about oranges and then get upset with me.

BTW I don't live in Cali but I think gay marriage should be legal and you know who I voted for.

chandrakant said...

I wasnt talking about the insidegov article. I was pointing to the link in your text saying Obamanites overwhelmingly voted in favor of prop 8 banning gay marriage.

Lets just go by simple logic. In your comments, you say:
"More people voted against gay marriage than for. That's a fact. More people came out for Obama than McCain. That's a fact."

I agree with both the above statements. But from the above how can you deduce your third statement?
"The Obama supporters are the one's to vote against gay marriage".

Is it not possible that more people who voted for McCain also voted against gay marriage?

If you do not think so, please point me to a link which supports your third statement.

chandrakant said...

I think you and I are on the same side on this one, which is good to see.
What bothers me is that you seem to be targeting Obama voters over something that they may not have singlehandedly been responsible for.

Lauren said...

I'm really really not trying to be mean but it's simple logic about who voted for Prop 8 and against gay marriage ...there's no link I could point you to that would tell you differently than I have. It's a fact. Think about it ok!?

There were more obama votes...they came out in droves. It took more votes rather than less to pass the prop. More voters for obama = obamanites who passed that bill. It could NOT have been passed without them. IMPOSSIBLE. That's my answer. What bothers me the most is that the gays are targeting the wrong people in their protests because they aren't using logic but emotion to guide them. The mormons didn't pass that prop.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Actually, According to the San Jose Mercury News:

"The Mercury News ran another article about how it's all the Blacks/Latin@s fault that Proposition 8 passed.

Even as African-American and Latino voters were a powerful force in boosting America's first black president to victory, in California they also were crucial to passing Proposition 8, a ballot measure labeled, "Eliminates right of same-sex couples to marry."

Exit polls showed that 70 percent of black voters, and a majority of Latino voters, voted yes on Proposition 8, one likely reason why the measure won a slim majority in Los Angeles County, where pre-election polls had suggested it would lose, even though it lost by a huge margin in the Bay Area."

So it would reason that the very large black turnout for Obama contributed to the passage of Proposition 8 since 70% voted yes on 8.

Thanks for linking to the Inside Government article in your post!