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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bracelet Giveaway

Aleta over at Fleur de Aleta is giving away a really gorgeous bracelet that she made out of crystals.

Now of course I want the bracelet myself but would like to join in and complete her contest requirements by letting all of you know about this fantastic giveaway contest too.

Besides this particular giveaway, Aleta is a fun read. She gives you her daily antics and you fall in love with Greg just as she has. How could you not do so when her blog is really her very open heart?

Go take a look and may the best entry (mine-haha) win!


Chat Blanc said...

awesome bracelet! I'll send all my positive winning vibes your way! :)

Lady Banana said...

I hope you win, then you can model it for us!

memphisdonna said...

Awesome!! Thanks for providing the link!!!

egeek10 said...

thanks for letting us post porn here! we really appreciate it - love, egeek

Speedcat Hollydale said...

It would make a great headband for my Wednesday disco night :-)

Romany Angel said...

I wanted to win it too lauren but sadly we both missed out.