"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Friday, November 28, 2008

Deepak Chopra is WRONG!

No Deepak! It's the 25% of the world's Muslim population that, with their extremist leaders and policies have alientated the West, the TRUE multicultural peoples, from the Muslims. It's those extremist societies, those hateful societies that have directed our policies IN RESPONSE to their hate and murder and systemic hateful teachings against the West for the last 80-100 years.
Just visit Memritv.org or this link to see ONE of thousands of examples of this http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/1925.htm

Here's the transcript of that clip:

Following are excerpts from a program about Iranian children in the "Jerusalem Day" parade. The program aired on Jaam-e Jam 1 TV on September 25, 2008.

Interviewer: What's your boy's name, and how old is he?

Father: Soheil is one year old.

Interviewer: Why did you bring him along?

Father: In order to inject into his blood loathing for Israel from an early age.

Interviewer: Well done. Well done. What do you think is the greatest desire of the honorable people who gathered to join the parade marking International Jerusalem Day?

Father: Their greatest desires are the annihilation of Israel and the appearance of the Mahdi.


Interviewer: What's your name, my boy?

Mohammad: Mohammad.

Interviewer: [Your sign says]: "Death to Israel." Why did you come here today?

Mohammad: In order to...

Interviewer: To say "Death to Israel"? Go ahead.

Mohammad: "Death to Israel."

Interviewer: Well done. It's very interesting that little children, like this girl and this boy, are already experiencing the culture of unity and solidarity, alongside their parents and fellow citizens.


Interviewer: I found it very nice to meet a six-year-old girl called Rihaneh, who drew a picture about Jerusalem and the Palestinian people, and about how the defenseless Palestinian people defends itself. In it, we see a Palestinian soldier... or actually, a Palestinian youth, holding a weapon in his hands and firing at a tank of the plundering Israel. The Israeli tank is firing toward the young Palestinian. Rest assured that the blood of the martyrs, the efforts of the young Palestinians, and the support of the Muslims worldwide for the Palestinian people will not be in vain.

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Clay Bowler said...

Very well said, and they appear to be testing the world again.