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Monday, January 3, 2011

Is That A Skeleton In Your Closet Or You Just UnHappy To See Me?

 Post Subtitle: Shedenfreude PERSONIFIED

Apparently I am the unfortunate recipient of X's coming back to haunt me.
The proof is here and here.

Other occurrences:Once I received a bunch of hang up phone calls while I was dating another guy and finally that idiot stopped hanging up and talked to me and sure enough another piece of shit X. Another time, earlier in my life I saw another X on the train in NYC. This same piece of shit - "Mr. Actor" who professed how coming to NYC to be an "ACTOOOOOOOOOOR" was so shallow, was now sitting across from me. And sure enough the next day a bunch of hang up calls began until I screamed his name into the receiver and said I know it's you "C" so you can stop calling me now.

Another sent a girlfriend of his to email me many years later. The stupid things women do, never ceases to amaze me. That same piece of shit X illegally found out where I was living and wrote me a letter, without a return address to let me know how he was still thinking about me.

And well, lucky me that "ACTOOOOOOOOOOR" X is now on commercials that play on one of my favorite television stations. Lucky lucky me. I almost neglected to mention the reason for "our" demise. Well, you see "actooooooooor" lacked two important things : character and a zipper.

You know how they say just before you die that your entire life flashes before your eyes?
Well, I'm kind of hoping this is one of those types of things, only this happens just before I meet my beshert, my partner, my love, finally.


Aleta said...

This really sucks, but I have to hand it to you, it was a funny post. I know it's not funny going through it, but you had the perfect attitude in this post. *hugs*

LaurAyn said...

Thanks Aleta! Whiskey....I hear whiskey calling.

BetteJo said...

ICK!! There is one ex around that I see every once in a while - in my car - passing his car - and that's about as close as I want it. The train? And now TV? That oughta be illegal.

Lenny said...

We all have these skeletons, pass the bottle