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Friday, January 21, 2011

Say It Isn't So Neil Boortz Et TU BRUTE!

Boortz posted this and please see my response below.


Neal Boortz 
January 21, 2011 8:08 AM 

There's a little brouhaha happening in New Jersey right now.  Governor Chris Christie is catching flak from kookie conservatives because he dared to appoint a judge who happens to be ... gasp ... a Muslim!  Christie appointed Sohail Mohammed to serve on the Passaic County Superior Court.  As an attorney, Mohammed has maintained a stellar record.  There is nothing throughout his career which indicates that he allows his religion to influence his performance in the courtroom.  These conservatives are not doing this country any good service by acting like bigots, assuming that this guy can't interpret our Constitution and the laws of our land simply because he happens to be Muslim.  Unless they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this man intends to interpret the law according to some other judicial system - Sharia law, for instance - then these kooks need to do themselves a favor and give it up.

I left this comment on that page but he moderates. I have no idea if he'll let it up. But here's my response:

Neil are you out of your mind? He didn't simply appoint a Muslim. Christie has nominated Sohail Mohammed, Qatanan's former lawyer, to a Superior Court judgeship. Do you even know who Quatanan is or do you only care about MONEY and taxes while you call conservatives like myself kookie! Take off the tin foil hat NEIL!

Perhaps you aren't aware that Christie attended a Ramadan dinner, in the same place where terrorists had fundraised, and kissed Qatanani on the cheek.

Sadly it is worrisome that you as a media personality with a staff wouldn't know about this or worse just not care about it but Christie was the US Attorney for New Jersey. It's absolutely impossible that he would not have known about Qatanani.

Let me help you out Neil, Mohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas.

The US government attempted to deport Mohammed Qatanani but New Jersey's pols and wannabe pols like Christie, quickly came to his aid.

http://bit.ly/fgF6Um What good is a fiscal conservative if it comes with a side of Sharia!?

If you continue to support Christie you are as bad as the lemmings on Obama's side that I rallied against for many years and you have seriously let me and millions of freedom loving American's down.

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