"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Idiots Abound

Yesterday was such a sad day in our country. And a human being is fighting for her life right now and she isn't the only one.

I'm about to write some things I know will piss off a lot of people. But piss off if you must, the truth will not be damned.

The first thing I heard was from an espoused devout Catholic and it was angering to hear because it was judgement, and judgement at me. Making that person a hypocrite.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with grief. I suppose my way in most cases is to try to figure out why, try to make some sense out of a senseless act.  I wanted to know the motive. When I began discussing this I was shot down with "I'm not talking politics" and " I think the people of AZ would be very upset with what you had to say", which was that my first thoughts were that this was related to the drug war that is spilling over the border and not being handled properly. I fail to see how bringing this issue which is honest and true should anger anyone in AZ or that it could be offensive in any way.

Clearly it was a way to deflect because this devout Catholic was privately angry with me for pointing out how she makes Jews her pet project, as if Catholics get to write the rules on Jews in some way.

I'm not going to list her name. If she meanders over to my blog for some reason she will squarely know I'm writing about her. But I also do not believe in Loshon Horah. Another thing I wrote privately to her about when she wanted to tell not only me but her entire FB following that she was not happy with my use of the word damn or balls or something I personally consider no big deal, because her (grown) children read her FB page. And fair enough, accept she didn't take personal responsibility for telling me this privately in the first place and chose to publicly call me out on it without any warning or notice. It was very disrespectful.

Now to be clear I do not think she is an idiot. She is just an aside on this post.

What I do not like is the hypocritical nature of so many. Especially those who I see all the time posting how they are so distraught that Christians or Catholics are the target of Muslim terrorism. I've got to tell you, that honestly my thoughts on these types of people are J'accuse. Why? Because where the hell were you for the last 60 years, 20 years or even 10 years while the canary in the coal mine - the Jews- have been bombed, murdered, slandered, libeled, and just plain targeted for being Jews, in Israel and yes right here in The United States of America?

Yes, that's right I said it.

It didn't bother you one damn lick then. Only now when it's you. So J'accuse.

[I have long time blog readers and this post is NOT directed at them. WHY?? Because they were with me for the last few years and this issue bothered them and they spoke out. You know who you are.]

Now, this Congresswoman has been shot by this sick bastard 22 year old. Idiots like Fonda immediately came out and blamed Palin. PALIN? Are you frickin' kidding me??!?!?!?!?

And they are plenty of people blaming the gun.


A gun needs a finger to pull it.

This little bastard had a manifesto on Youtube. I posted screenshots yesterday. He was rejected from the Army and yet no one was watching him.

His favorite books were Mein Kampf and communist manifestos.  And they are reporting that he belonged to a White Supremest group.

Rep. Gifford is Jewish, female, was a Republican turned Democrat and a Centrist. She is pro gun rights, rides a motorcycle, believes that we need to secure our borders and is open to talking with the people of her district all the time. She was the first Jewish Rep. from AZ.

This made her the target.
Not ideology, not blame. MOTIVE.

And it's of the utmost importance that we talk about motive and we're honest about it and start talking about the truth in this country. Jews are the largest targets of violence in The United States of America.

Why this woman? Why her of all people?

And while she sits and fights for her life, where is this devout Catholic and what is she doing? She's tweeting for prayers for the dead Judge. It was a tragedy that he was murdered. But he was NOT the intended target. She was. But she wants to focus on him because he's Catholic/Christian and for that I lost respect for her.

I'm rather tired of ideology trumping truth.
I'm also tired of being "The Jew or The Jews" and spoken about as if we are your little pet project, accept when it actually matters, in real life, when we are targets of violence.

Be angry if you must. Truth usually brings out anger.
Update: More hypocricy from the person who told me she wasn't going to talk politics. Now I'm seeing tweets making ties to abortion and making this shooting about prolife points of view of the Representative fighting for her life.

Yesterday almost immediately when I posted asking for prayers for Rep. Gifford I received a disgusting tweet  to the affect that I only cared or would I only care about abortion if they were Jewish fetus'. This was not from the person I wrote about above. But I am seeing tweets in similar vein from the person who chastised me for trying to understand motive. Clearly she wants to have her piece of this tragic pie and push her antichoice agenda down our throats, while a living breathing human being is fighting for her life. SHAME and J'accuse.


JT said...

One of the best posts I've seen on the matter so far! Thank you for your objectivity. It amazes me how so many 'haters' of all political persuasions have 'come out of the woodwork to point their fingers at one another - each hatefully accusing the other of hating! It's like watching wrestling, but a lot less fun.

Aleta said...

I haven't watched the news lately, but my Mom told me about the representative last night. It was very upsetting for both of us.

I won't disagree with you on the motive and I send my prayers to her and to her family.

As for your FB friend.. I'm sure she's an intelligent woman, from what you've said, but it's a shame when someone doesn't keep their heart open.

Nona said...

I am starting to think that a crime like these murders brings out specific forms of emotional upset. Some feel depressed, or edgy, others retreat into religiousity or put extra zeal into their favorite opinions. This crime was a targeting of a Jewish public figure & should be discussed in that context. (the shooters favorite books: mein kampf & communist manifesto). There is a much larger % of anti-Semitic attacks in the USA (vs. much, much lower % attacks on Muslims despite Couric's obsession). My goodness, several people were killed, including a Bush appointed Judge, a child - aged 9. Let's mourn them respectfully. I am doubly saddened - 1st an unstable man killed people. But then another crime happened: the left's hateful, lying, slanderous accussations of radio personalities and Palin. Shame, shame on you, Sheriff Dupnik, Fonda, and all the leftist vulgar online trolls. They don't deserve America. I wish your parents had provided you with a consquence for your spoiled behaviors long ago so that you could have grown up and join the decent, patriotic Tea Partiers. That's my 2 cents!

BetteJo said...

I haven't been watching the news, been doing other things so I haven't heard the coverage. But I did read something about Sarah Palin making this woman's congressional seat one of her targets. There is a big difference between that and inciting people to kill someone.

My thoughts at this point are that an obviously off-balance individual went out and killed people and injured many more. I have not heard if a motive from the suspect himself has been given. But I do not care what your religion is,or what your political persuasion is, it does not deserve to be met with violence.

I also don't care if this guy was abused as a child or ate too many twinkies, he needs to never see the light of day again.