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Monday, December 20, 2010

My 2 Minutes of Fame

Last week while driving and listening to WABC radio I heard what I couldn't believe I heard coming from the radio. Joe Crummey was the host and the topic was about Christmas decorations in public places being taken down. Now I'm not a Christian but I have a lot of Christian friends and I understand why this bothers them. Personally I don't think they should be up or that Chanukah Menorahs should be up on public property at all. I like the generic lights, the spirit of the season and that's my opinion. But I certainly don't begrudge Christmas decorations out somewhere.

I happened to turn on the radio during the listener call in time and to my horror two separate callers within a short span of time made their way on the air. One went on to blame the lawsuits for the decorations being removed on the Joooss. Another ranted on and started to talk about how the Jooos just love their money and that the Holocaust Museum in DC takes money on the weekdays but on the weekends they only take credit because Jooooos aren't allowed to handle money but you now how they love their money.You can listen here. It's about 1h 30 ish minutes in.

After both calls went completely unchallenged in any way I had to turn off the radio. I was so enraged if I continued to listen I might have gotten into an accident. Since that would not have been good, and since I have and wish to keep my perfect record the radio went off.

When I arrived back home I made some calls. First to the programming department at WABC radio. Then to the Holocaust Museum.

Needless to say I received a swift call back from the show's producer and then Joe Crummey himself.  The producer was in complete agreement with me. You could hear in her voice, that egg on your face feeling. She said this was something that needed to be corrected immediately. She asked if it would be ok if Mr. Crummey spoke with me directly and apologized and of course I said yes.

My conversation with Mr. Crummey was a good one. He apologized and I explained to him why it was so upsetting, the lack of the challenge to the callers, and that I felt it was necessary to talk about this on the show the following day and correct this. He completely agreed. And you can hear it here.  It is the very first thing he talks about and the way he handled it was excellent. Kudos to his PR team ;)

While I am all about crushing those that do wrong, I'm equally about praising good behavior and acts. So Joe Crummey thank you for manning up.


BetteJo said...

Amazing what one person can do! You go girl!

LaurAyn said...

I rock! LOL
(Thanks Bette Jo)