"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Equally Hated

To those I know who are conservative they are going to be pissed at me. And the same goes for those on the left. Because the clear fact is that I probably ride right down the middle.

My conservative friends, whom I really do love and understand I find very very misguided about social issues like medicaid and foodstamps and unemployment. They fall into the trap of the pundits that say that people are too lazy or that it stops people from working. It's a big lie.  Now I'm not calling them liars. I'm saying the line is a lie. Because it is.

Most Americans are hard-working people. Those getting unemployment are getting it because they WERE employed. These are not lazy people. These are people who were working and lost their work.

Both the democrats and republicans are playing sick politics with the poorest of people for their own special interests.  And it sucks.

Those programs while costly aren't even costing close to what the energy dept.'s budget costs every American. And let's now add in all those insane pork projects and earmarked agendas hidden in other bills. And even if they weren't hidden they'd be bullshit pork that's costing us to have to borrow money from China.

It ISN'T the programs for the poorest of our fellow citizens that are costing each of us the taxes we have to pay.  And quite frankly when you start becoming the mouth piece that spreads this kind of thinking for our politicians you just look stupid, as well as heartless.

Now, not ONE politician has created a job for all those people on unemployment for the last 99 weeks. I don't care what side of the aisle your sitting on or rooting for. And people need to eat.

I saw one tweeter say if you can't find a job after 99 weeks move. Sounds good if you don't THINK!
With official unemployment being almost 10% where are these people to move. It's hard everywhere and the government isn't creating the parameters for businesses to hire enough people to lower that number.  And the government is all too happy to have us infighting, calling people lazy or heartless so that we don't get on them for their wasteful programs and spending that only serves to line their own pockets and buys them their fancy homes that cost way more than the average person would be willing to work for in a year, rather than be on the unemployment insurance.

Another tweeter was angry to learn that a friend of his was offering jobs but was told the applicants were making more on unemployment. Well, then that should tell the employer that he isn't offering a living wage because even at the top rate in most states it's not very much money to live on. Before you get angry with me, conservative reader that you are, you just think about this for a second. You mean to tell me you are going to scream bloody murder for a man who will take the unemployment over the lower wage and work, so that he can continue to feed his kids. You mean to tell me that you think he should work 40 hours a week for less money knowing that he will not be able to cover his rent and put food on the table for his children? And then if he does take that job rather than the insurance and goes to the local foodstamp office to apply for help you will be angry with him for that.

It's really unrealistic, heartless and stupid what you are asking of people and labeling them to be for it.

What these people fail to realize are the stories I hear from others on twitter, yes on the conservative side of that fence btw, of people who have exhausted their savings, sold cars, pulled kids out of college, sold their houses and are living bear bones.

So really enough already. Let's get real.

The real changes that need to be made are the bills in congress for pork spending and for departments that are wasteful and have shown to produce nothing helpful like the energy department.

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