"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jews That Do a Disservice to Our Community *warning profanity

I hate to say it but there are some mornic idiotic Jews that would rather fight another Jew over a miniscule point in a word than fight the people who are having us re-live the 1930's of Europe all over again.

I'm going to out one big dumb moronic waste of space on twitter: RabbiYonah  <------ Yeah some Rabbi! No congregation and wears hippy shit on his page. 

If you haven't already heard, the Jewish students of the University of Indiana have been targeted by assaults. Yes, assaults. They have had their Hillel windows smashed with rocks and the library has had Jewish texts stolen and when found where were they? The books were found in the bathroom with urine on them.

I found out about this story here. Please read the full story and watch the local news report of this.

Spare me the bullshit that I am wrong on this, because I am not. THIS IS KRISTALNACT in our time. 
Is the government sponsoring this? Doubtful. But the act IS the same.

The rise in antisemetic acts completely corresponds to the rise in huge immigration of Islamic followers into our country. And no one is saying a word.

Why am I sure it's THEM?! Easy, just read about what those scum of the earth excuses for humans did to  the gravestones of Jews in East Jerusalem in 1948 when they ILLEGALLY took over the city and barred Jews from admittance. If that is not enough proof for you, then just think back a few years when THOSE SCUM took over the Catholic Church in Bethlehem and barred themselves in. Do you remember what they did?

So fake Rabbi, it is because of the jerk offs like yourself that refused to listen to me 15 years ago when I was in college, asking Hillel to speak out against this kind of stuff happening on my college campus that the Jewish kids at Indiana University and all over the U.S. are being subjected to much worse. You all told me to be quiet, don't worry, it will go away, don't call attention to it. YOU STUPID STUPID FUCKING MORONIC ASSHOLES!


BetteJo said...

I am baffled. I didn't hear anything about this, and it's true - if it were the opposite, Muslims being assaulted or God forbid - their religious books pissed on - it would be all over the news and people would be kissing their asses. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

It was. The dude in Gainesville didn't even end up burning a Qu'ran and the reaction was even different. People were condemning him left and right, whereas this story may not be heard by a lot of people and the perpetrators were doing way more stuff, like throwing rocks through windows.

Jewlicious said...

The events in Indiana were horrific, no doubt. But why are you picking a fight with Rabbi Yonah? His point is valid while in no way diminishing the severity of the cowardly and anti-Semitic acts described. This is not a fight you want to have, trust me. You should apologize to Rabbi Yonah and aim your wrath at our actual enemies.

LaurAyn said...

Oh youngin' jewlicious, this is a fight I'm willing to have and my point is extremely valid! As I said in my post, it is precisely because of people like this fake Rabbi that these Jewish kids at Indiana U. are in the danger they are currently in. I faced it 15 years ago and it is worse because of attitudes like what you are supporting. You do not live here and you do not understand apparently. You're naive. I'm not.

Aleta said...

Honestly, I didn't know about this either. Thank you for sharing it. Damn, why isn't the news covering this. Because it's not news any more. It's business and whoever is the highest bidder wins the prime time. Disgusting that there isn't more of an out cry. You're right,.. staying quiet is not the key.