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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What A Truely Honest Male Profile On JDate Would Say

I measure my worth by the age of the woman I seek. While I'm of the age of carrying and needing viagara to show you a good time in the bedroom I refuse to date a woman older than 35. Even though I myself am 45 + I seek to meet only women (barely more than girls) the age of 26-35. I have no desire for a women of my own age because she might have opinions and a mind of her own. I might actually risk having to share thoughts and experiences that she might try to inject and quite frankly women over 35 have too many thoughts. Better to find a much much younger woman than myself, well because I earned it. I worked on my career and I have some money. I've been quite selfish over my 45+ years and spent my time and money on me only, going to the gym and I'm ripped so I think that gives me the right to have a mate/spouse that is more than 10 years my junior, a woman who hasn't developed herself yet and I can manipulate. Yeah yeah yeah!

If only they understood this: "Love is not finding someone to live with. It's finding someone you can't live without." ~ Rafael Ortiz


Mum-me said...

I like your take on it, and I love that quote.

Lenny said...

I am not sure I would like the person, but the honesty is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren

I liked that and when it comes to a Womans mind thats one thing I value and Woman who are thinkers do not scare me. I'm the type that does not need a the trophy Wife type of a Woman to make me happy. I have Dated Woman younger than me and Older than me too.


Celtic Scribe said...

Hi Lauren, I was laughing at the description as I know guys like that!
It is an insightful piece that is both humourous and informative. It should be a preface in every relationship book as a warning of what not to do!

Many thanks, Chris

Jessica said...

You make me laugh! I'm sorry that you have to deal with that crap! :P