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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mammograms and Test Balloons- Guest Post

Today's post is from one of my very favorite people and bloggers: Aleta. Please check out her blog here when you're done reading her guest post today.

The Obama admin has sent up it's first test balloon on healthcare rationing. The admin has gotten medical groups to endorse mammograms as being "unnecessary" for women under 50 years old. This is a precursor to healthcare rationing beginning with the significant cost of preventive mammograms. This "test ballon" is to get public reaction to the idea that the one payer, gov option plan WON'T cover any mamms for women under 50.

It doesn't matter that untold numbers of women even in their 30s die very year from breast cancer. It doesn't matter that the FDA TRIED (although unsuccesfully) to destroy our oyster industry because of only 12 deaths per year.

The report is that MOST discoveries of tumors in women under 50 are only benign in nature. That ignores ALL those women, under 50, who WOULD HAVE DIED, had their breast cancer not been discoverd. It ignores the fact that it COST MUCH LESS to treat this cancer in the EARLY STAGES.

This will save the gov run plan untold zillions in dollars and FORCE folks to get additonal coverage that will be MORE expensive than ever. Insurance companies who are targets of the gov plan, will make EVEN more money by providing this coverage that women WON'T go without.

If you had ANY doubt about where this healtcare plan is headed, you shouldn't have it now. Next will be colonoscopies and prostate exams.

This "test balloon" MUST be shot down NOW.


Mum-me said...

I have already had two mammograms (at age 31 and age 34), plus a breast ultrasound to investigate suspicious lumps. Our medicare system only paid for about 55% of the costs, but at least I wasn't denied the tests.

The more I read about your govt's new healthcare plan, the happier I am to be an Australian.

Aleta said...

I just turned 40 and my gyn recommended the mammogram. Now, more than ever, I'm getting scheduled for one. My aunt had breast cancer; she went through hell. She's a survivor. Thank God.

lot 2 learn said...

Shoot it down with both barrels !
I lost an aunt and a cousin to breast cancer, and early detection saved my mom, and my youngest cousin is fighting it now, She is only 36.
These idiots would sacrifice our lives and our health just to get control, that is all this is about, power