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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Congratulations New York Yankees

What a game that was to watch last night. I went to my neighborhood bar and watched with the other Yankee Fans...and some Mets fans who were gracious.

I've been somewhat of a hermit the past couple of years. I've been super focused on my career and with my dating past, feeling so burned and cautious besides the online dating here and there I've rarely put myself in a social situation.  So one of my goals has been to "get the fuck out of my apt." So on the first game night of the series I walked to this bar that looks laid back and I walked in and they guys in there are nice. They are mostly older guys who I could tell would treat me with respect and not be disgusting and hit on me like 23 year olds do. And there are a few guys who are closer in my age and fun to talk to and also behave themselves. And that is the perfect comfort zone for me.

So alas, I walked back in last night around 9PM. There were no spots left at the bar. I sat my ass down at a table with a guy (older than me by leaps and bounds) who was sitting alone. He was very kind, sweet and yes he liked me. It was obvious. And to be honest I really do not know how to handle these things very well. Do I  make light of it, just say thank you, tease or ignore. I just don't know. I did my best. He was so kind and nice and not gross about it at all.

He bought me some drinks and we had really nice conversation and best of all I got to watch my Yankees win for the 27th time!  It was a great game and fun night out. It barely cost me a dime. I like the bar tenders and the crowd and I feel like I finally have a hang out in my neighborhood for myself.

Congratulations Yankees!

PS-  re: previous post: I deleted the guys number. I just don't like how I feel. I should be feeling great and he should be making me feel great and that is just not happening. 


Aleta said...

Light flirting, go for it. You probably made the older man's night, just by sharing the time with him. There's no harm in that. I'm glad you went out and enjoyed!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I probably would have ( censored ) and then give U a kiss.


Good for you shweetpea