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Friday, November 20, 2009

Holder Is A Fraud & Is Holding The American People Hostage

Atty General Holder is brining the mastermind of 9/11 and the murderer of Daniel Pearl to NYC to be tried in our federal courts.

Attorney General Holder's own law firm has been representing these terrorists. He should recuse himself.  That he has not should be the screaming alarm from every media point. That it is not, is more alarming than that last fact.

Holder stated and it was reported on Thursday morning on FOX news in response to concerns that if KSM is found not guilty in our federal court system he would not be set out on the streets of NYC but instead...and read this slowly now...would then be considered an enemy combatant and held indefinitely by the government.

This is a joke, a rouse. This is not about trying these bastards who declared war on us and killed my fellow NYers that day as well as those at the Pentagon and in the planes. Yes, remember that day folks? They took living breathing human beings, American citizens and our planes they were in and used those planes as the biggest missiles, bigger than military made missiles and flew them directly into 3 buildings, one plane being taken over by the hostages and taken down, exploding in a field PA.

This move to the federal system isn't about giving them a trial because the Obama Administration stopped the military trials that the Bush Administration along with the International Community set up through international laws that had begun at GITMO.

This is about putting our justice system on trial itself.

Think about it. Millions of dollars will be spent on this. The feds will try to bankrupt NYS and NYC with this trial putting all the burden on my city and state completely. After years of legal bullshit, if KSM gets off, like OJ did then the Obama Administration can lambaste our system, can now use it as a weapon to dismantle it calling it illegitimate, a failure... the reason they have to hold KSM in custody without a guilty verdict.

And this is what they want. Make no mistakes about it. This is the goal.

This is not simply about putting the Bush Administration on trial. This is about putting our entire system on trial. THE ENTIRE THING.

We cannot let this happen. If we do, you can be sure this is what will happen. You can be sure they will use this as a way to fundamentally change our nation once and for all. Nullify the justice system.

In the words of Drinking With Bob:

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lot 2 learn said...

It is headlines like these that create voter remorse more and more.
This year, and the next 3 will go down as the darkest in our Nations history.
Please be carefull up there